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From one extreme to another ....

I know I take you guys all over the place on my blog .... everywhere from my insomnia to my childhood stories to my VENTING and my hopelessly unrealistic desire for Viggo Mortensen. But I read something today that was soooooo beautiful that I wanted to share it with all of you. I'm an avid reader and a lot of that reading has to do with spirituality. However, sometimes I have to take a break from the spiritual stuff because it's heavy ... you know, I think and think and it's meditative and sometimes I just need a break. So, I'd been reading various things, not of a spiritual nature, until I picked up this little book the other day and I just finished it ... it's called The Shift by Wayne Dyer. This quote is taken from A Course in Miracles ...

The memory of God comes to the quiet mind.
It cannot come where there is conflict; for a mind at war
against itself remembers not eternal greatness ...
What you remember is a part of you. For you must be
as God created you. ... Let all this madness be undone
for you, and turn in peace of the remembrance of God,
still shining in your quiet mind.

I LOVED THIS. To me it says that WHO you are has ALWAYS been amazing. A mind at war against itself remembers not eternal greatness ... we must love ourselves, even our less loveable traits and remember always that we were created exactly the way we were meant to be and when you really surrender to the natural flow of life ... just let go and let God ... all will be well. We cannot control anything. Though we may try and try and try ... we can never control anything. When you try to control life or an outcome, and things do not go your way, you get depressed, you get sick, you feel like a failure. Nothing positive comes from resisting what is.

The world's values are false. We are NOT what we do, we are NOT where we live, we are NOT what we weigh, we are NOT how we look, we are NOT what we possess. It just really spoke to me. You know how sometimes when you read the Bible and you might have read a certain passage for years and years and never really got it and then, one day, OMG you get it! That's how I felt when I read it.

It may not say anything in particular to you, but I wanted to share it anyway.

And don't worry ... your sarcastic, humorous and psychotic Debbie will be back soon ...



  1. It's ok. Spiritual Debbie is cool too. It's called balance. Thanks for the post. Loved it.

  2. I really like that quote. Good post Deb!

  3. Very nice Debbie....I like that. You should post it on FaceBook too! Love ya!

  4. I know what you mean about that light bulb going on. I love the quote, really makes you realize how much junk we carry around in our heads and lives.

  5. Read somewhere ..........we only control our actions or reactions to things!!


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