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Adventures in Dannyland

Danny's favorite toy in all the world is his GPS. He uses it even when he knows where he's going ... like home from work ... BA DUMP BUMP.  Anyway,we'd gone to the movies in Pasadena and after that we decided to go to the Macaroni Grill.  So, he grabs the GPS to find the nearest one and voila! There's one about two miles up the road. Off we go. We get to the correct address but, it is no longer a Macaroni Grill. It is now Pioneer Pete's Buffet and Cafe ... Wha tha? I don't want to eat there. "I know" I say, "let's go to that little Italian restaurant we went to the last time we were out this way."

Dan: Oh! OK ... I remember that place! It's just up the street a little ways ... on the left.
Me: I don't think so Dan. I think it's closer to Pasadena. I think we have to go back the other way.

Dan: No. I remember. It's just up the street ... a few blocks ... on the left side.

Me: Awww, I don't think so. It's in the othe…


I had everything planned.  Manicure/pedicure with Lauren.  After that a movie (The Heat), then dinner AND drinks.  Couldn't wait.  After a long week I was looking forward to enjoying my Saturday.

I was in a good mood.  Happy.  I was going to make Danny breakfast and as I was reaching for the eggs, I saw it.  A big bottle of blueberries with syrup fell over and spilled all the thick blueberry juice EVERYWHERE which meant that I had to CLEAN THE ENTIRE REFRIGERATOR!!!!!!   UGH!!!  The juice had dripped and leaked into all the crevices and underneath the crispers.  I had to take the whole refrigerator apart ... take out the crispers, wash and dry them, pull out the shelves, wash and dry them, remove the food, replace the food, wipe down all the plastic tortilla wrappers because they had blueberry juice all over them.  IT WAS A MESS!  It took me over two hours and I was sweating the entire time ... and I HATE to sweat.   

After that I went upstairs and figured what the hell, my Satur…