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Once again ... another blurb about my hair ...

Remember a while back when I was contemplating going gray? And how I wondered if I'd look classy like Jamie Lee Curtis or just look like an old lady? Well ... I did go gray ... and take my word for it ... I did not look like Jamie Lee Curtis. My stepdaughter told me that while we were all at the hospital for Lauren's transplant everyone thought I was Lauren's GRANDMOTHER! And I'm sorry people ... but I just can't have that .... I'll go gray when I turn 60.

Hair, to me, is the only thing I got going for myself at this stage. So styling it, coloring it, cutting it, growing it, streaking it - these are all things that I do to give myself a little lift. Having done NOTHING to my hair in the last year has been a righteous bummer. SO, decision made. I'm going to color my hair. I know I can't afford the blond thing so I figured a nice warm brown would look good and then I could add blond streaks later. So, I get to my appointment figuring I'll be there two…

What's wrong with normal?!

This is a question I have pondered often. Living in a world where we are bombarded with self help books, self help gurus, spiritual teachers, books telling us how to "succeed", how to be a winner, blah blah blah. HEY! What the hells the matter with normal?! There are WAY more NORMAL people in the world than SPECIAL people. Normal people go to work, pay taxes, raise kids and don't break laws. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Most SPECIAL people I know of, or have read about are lying, cheating bastards.

Example No. 1: Bernie Madoff was a man of great wealth who lived a life in the lap of luxury. He was admired and looked up to by many people. Now, he sits in prison because he used his intelligence to figure out an incredeible ponzi scheme that robbed and cheated hundreds of people out of their life savings. Before his incarceration, in the eyes of the world, he was considered a success, a visionary. Bernie Madoff in my book? L O S E R.
My dad went to work every day…

Lauren's Gift

The Happiest Day Ever ... December 10, 2009 - release from hospital with mom's donated kidney.

Top row: Dad, Auntie Bangles, Jim (step-dad), Debbie (step-mommy), Nana, Auntie Laurie, and Papa

Bottom row: Lauren, Mom (Dawn) and sister Bree
And a big thanks to the fantastic nurses, surgeons, doctors and staff at UCI Irvine. You are all amazing human beings. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!

Since it's in the news ... a little blurb about Tiger

Here we go again. Yet another man who has admitted to "personal failings" (or in my lingo, couldn't keep it in his pants). First of all, can I just say that Tiger Woods is the most UNSEXY guy ever. I don't care if he does have a billion dollars if I were a young hot thing you couldn't pay me enough money to do him ... but then again, I was never a publicity seeking, opportunistic

w----e (rhymes with "sore" ... forgive the pun LOL). I just feel bad for his wife, poor thing. Although I'm sure it must have felt mighty good swinging that golf club right at his stupid head. What is it with these guys? My God it's like they're afraid that they're going to literally DIE without having to have EVERY FRICKIN' WOMAN WITH BREAST IMPLANTS ON THE PLANET! I mean seriously. How many women and how much sex must you possibly have in life in order to feel whatever it is you feel you need to feel? You KNOW these bimbos are gonna come forward at some poi…