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Once again it is that time of year for all us slugs to watch the beautiful people being beautiful. The one and only Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate plus 8 plus 56 other kids and a set of twins", was in attendance at the Emmys in basic black with an up do. I hate this broad. Grade: F-
now GO AWAY.

Beautiful Jewel. I give her an A+ ... cause she's pretty and I like her.

Actress Toni Colette. Fantastic actress with unbelieveably bad taste. Sometimes these choices can really boggle one's mind. Picture this ... she walks into the dressing room, tries it on and falls in love. That is the ugliest rag I've ever seen ... I wouldn't be buried in it. Grade: F- to the negative 1. OFF THE CHARTS UGLY.

I had this exact same dress in the 1990's, except it was shorter and had a little bolero jacket. Not impressed. Grade: D-

January Jones of Mad Men. Awwww, NO. Hair: bad, Shoes: bad, Dress: bad. Overall Grade: BAD.

Christina Hendrick's from Mad Men. Everyone is always ra…


HALLALUJAH!!!!! and so long you hypocritical, miserable B***h!

Now, all we gotta do is get Rush "Fatboy" Limbaugh off the air!!!!

Electrolysis anyone?

Geeze louise, get some electrolysis on that forehead for God's sake! You can't tell where your eyebrows finish and your hairline starts! Yikes! You look like you're half Italian and half neanderthal. I'm just sayin'