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Let's get started.  

First the hostess with the mostess ... as I refer to her every year, Giuliana Rancic, the Human Toothpick looked tres chic.  Except for her incredibly boney shoulders and arms, and p.s., she could really do with some bangs to cover up that humongous forehead.  I loved the gown, hair was questionable but the jewels were appropriate. 
Grade:  B

Kristin Cavallieri channeling Morticia Adams.  WHAT IS WITH THOSE SLEEVES!  Grade:  F

Debra Messing.  First of all, Debra's skin looks TERRIBLE!  Her eye shadow is all wrong and winged out too far.  Not feeling the pants/tunic look.  It's okay if you're going to your BFF's daughter's wedding, but considering that she is usually so chic, this did not thrill me.  Grade:  D-  (don't her arms look chubby?)

Allison Janey.  This woman has the best body.  The dress fits her perfectly.  But the white detailing is making me think of .... butterflies, spilled ink, Rorschach test.  The fit is impeccable.  I'l…