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A RE- RUN ... Random thoughts on Dr. Laura

I originally ran this post about a year ago and since that time I have stopped listening to Dr. Laura and you know what I discovered? I FEEL MUCH, MUCH HAPPIER. I used to listen to her just to get myself all worked up ... what a useless waste of energy. ENJOY!

Since I've been unemployed, I do laundry almost every day. I don't know why this is because I only do laundry for two people. When I worked, I never seemed to do nearly as much laundry as I do now. At least, I didn't do it every day. So, while I do the laundry, fold the clothes, do the dishes, and go up and down the stairs fifty thousand times a day, I have to listen to something or I'll go mad. I cannot do anything in this house without (a) the t.v. being on, or (b) the radio being on. So I have every radio in the house set on the same channel ... and to what do I listen you ask? Dr. Laura. (Doesn't she look like an ex-anorexic?)

This is another one of my sick pastimes. I can't stand Dr. Laura. I merely listen to her so I can pontificate my own views out loud - to no one. I mean, the lady gives good advice ... sometimes ... but this 1950's housewife crap is, well, crap.

All day long you have these morons call her up and say "Hi Dr. Laura, I am my kid's mom and my husband's girlfriend". UGH. (excuse me ... I have to barf) ... She definitely has her audience, and may I just say, that any man who calls Dr. Laura is a pussy. Yeah, I said it.

Well, today she had a caller, who married a man who promised her that when they had kids she could be a stay-at-home mom. Well, she has the kid and now he's changed his mind. He likes the money she brings in and now he wants her to continue working and not stay home with the kid after all. Her dilemma - for the sake of her marriage, should she continue working the way her husband wants her to, or, should she just quit her job and deal with the effect that will have on her marriage? So, Dr. Laura, who is pro-PRO-family, tells this gal that she married a "selfish BOY" who lied to her in order to get her to marry him and that whatever she does, her main responsibility is to her baby and NOT TO GO BACK TO WORK. AT ALL. END OF STORY!

Now, here's what I'm thinking. What if this guy says, hey, that isn't going to fly with me so I'm outta here? What then? What about the family unit then Dr. Laura? I mean, can you even imagine coming home from work one day and telling your husband, "guess what? I quit my job today!" Lalalalalalala. The doctor is definitely living in a time warp, and it's in Idaho in the 1950's. I mean, I hate to break it to doctor Laura, but the days of men feeling less than men because their wife has to work are LOOOOOOONG GONE. If I had my own radio show and this gal called me up with this problem the first thing I would tell her is "WHATEVER YOU DO ... DON'T LISTEN TO FREAKING DR. LAURA!!

Listening to this program for the last year, it is quite apparent that she has a very specific audience. Nine times out of ten, the callers are women, who don't work, and have little ones at home. Now, don't get me wrong. That's all fine and good. But what I can't stand about Dr. Laura is that if it were up to her, teenagers would never have sex, unplanned pregnancies would never happen, marriages would last a lifetime, and life would never get messy. She is so unrealistic.

Think about it ... this poor girl calls Dr. Laura, who she obviously looks up to, and you can hear in her voice that she is totally afraid to quit her job and piss her husband off, and this is exactly what Dr. Laura is telling her to do! I tell you I need my own radio show.

So honey, if you're out there, listen to me. Dr. Laura doesn't know what your life is all about. She has no idea who you are as a person, or the pressures you have to deal with or anything else about your life. Dr. Laura is a multi-billionaire who has a radio show and can work or not work, however she pleases and she can do anything she wants because she's RICH! She is so far away from your reality it is comical. Trust me. Your baby is not going to grow another head and grow up to be a serial killer if you work. I'm sorry you're unable to stay at home like you would like to, I really am. But honey, sometimes we don't get what we want in life. It sucks, but it is what it is.


Take that Dr. Laura!


  1. Hey Debbie,

    This is bunny..remember me? I know you do..your not that old (cough cough) anyways, I saw your entry on good ol' Dr. "I hate the bitch" Laura and in conclusion....I concure ~

  2. Hi Debbie!!!!

    It was so great to see your message! I thought I stopped receiving comments on the crown post, but I happened to look at it today to find your message. Yes, Marie is probably having such a fun time! How was your trip? I know you went out long have you been unemployed? I have never heard of Dr. Laura, but you are right; these people don't know everyone's personal situation and they don't realized that there are actually THINKING people out there like you who can see that this kind of advice doesn't apply to everyone. You are doing what you have to do for your family and when the time is right, you'll get work. What do you do as work? Please visit again, I would love to hear what's been going on in your life! Anita

  3. Hey You,

    I put your blog link on my side bar...hope you don't mind and if you do....
    "Tough Tacos"...just kidding, not really ~


  4. Well, I may be a few days behind, but I'm trying to catch up. I'd listen to your talk show any day Comadre. The realities of today are tough to take but they are the realities of today. I'm unemployeed right now, but this is temporary because I don't have the choice. Bills need to get paid and one income does not make it anymore. Maybe we're just a buying society, maybe not. I don't know how the average family get's by without two incomes. I'm sure it's possible but with everything the average American has to pay monthly, all I can say is, if there are women out there who are able to stay home God bless them, that's wonderful. But we all know, it's the exception.

  5. wow, I bet you husband is very unhappy if you even have one.

  6. All during the this past election and shortly after, I used to listen to "The John and Ken Show" on the radio and what I noticed is that I used to get all worked up and kinda stressed. The funny thing is, is that Eric used to listen to it on the way home from work so that when we sat down to dinner...(promptly as he got that's all we talked about. We've both decided to stop listening and we've noticed a calmer change...although he cheats sometimes. Yeah, it's easy for her to give this kind of advise when your outta touch with the real (normal) work force and state of the country.


  7. Hi Debbie
    I'm way behind in my own blogging let alone reading the blogs of my friends. I have just finished catching up with yours and I left comments in several of your posts before this latest one.

    I just wanted to say that you are without doubt one of my favorite bloggers. I love different blogs for different reasons. I love Anita's stuff because she always manages to take me to fairyland and her drawings/stories (like her last one on Castles Crowns and Cottages) just plain crack me up.

    But your commentary or "venting" is unique because you have a way of humorously pointing out the absurd that is hilarious. And if you can get people laughing about something serious, you have their attention I assure you.

    One thing I remember about Dr. Laura is that The West Wing (my favorite show while it ran) did an episode where my hero President Josiah Bartlett just eviscerates this right-wing homophobe female pop psychology radio host named Dr. Jenna Jacobs who is obviously supposed to represent Dr. Laura. Check it out here.

    I understand that "Dr." Laura is not qualified other than in her own mind to do what she's doing. I'm not saying she's not intelligent. In fact, she earned a PhD at Columbia University. No small deal. But the PhD was in physiology and has nothing to do with human psychology, marriage and family counseling, etc. In fact, according to one of her professors, Laura S. spent most of her doctoral training time "pulling fat pads off rat testicles." (Vickie L. Bane)

    From what you described in your blog above, it seems she's still doing pretty much the same thing.


  8. Debbie dear! Oh, yes, that is my intention, to give adults a chuckle and make them feel young again with my funky little stories and pictures. I am not a "cutsy" style artist, but just TO THE POINT, quick lines. I am having so much fun! And you bet we are planning to see you when we go out to CA!!! Are you kidding? We wouldn't miss it; we hope to see you, Bunny and of course Marie and have a wonderful reunion. I haven't been out to L.A. since 1996!Thanks for coming to visit me, Debbie.

    Have a good weekend dear, ANita


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