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Well, for some unknown reason I was unable to get E! Live on the Red Carpet!  I called the cable company, I unplugged the t.v. to reboot it ... NOTHING.  SO, I had to go with Channel 7's coverage which is NOT NEARLY AS IN DEPTH as E!  Needless to say Mama was pissed. 

So, with that in mind ... let's get started!

Alicia Vikander.  Beautiful!  She looks very young and sweet and elegant.  Love the color of this gown .... Grade:  A

Jennifer Lawrence.  BEAUTIFUL!  Love the hair, love the make up, love the the gown.  WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!  Grade:  A++

Brie Larson.  I'm not really feeling this gown.  The color is beautiful but the belt and the bling and the ruffles and the pleats ... there's a lot going on here.  Grade:  C

Nice guy Dave Grohl and wife.  Class Couple!  Love her dress and earrings ... very pretty. Dave .... it's the ACADEMY AWARDS .... a traditional tux would have worked much better and you would have looked SO HANDSOME.  Wife Grade:  A, Dave's Grade:…

2016 GRAMMY RED CARPET .... p.s. I know NOBODY ....

Justin and baby brother Jax (because he's young enough to have a BABY brother THAT young).  Justin love, did you just drink some chocolate milk or is that supposed to be a mustache?  
Justin is "cute" in that teen idol kinda way ... you know ... a guy that looks likes a girl. 

Taylor darling, uh ... I think I get where you were trying to go however, the big girl panties peeping through your skirt just ruined it for me. 

So I guess they're friends?  OR am I confusing these two girls with two other BFF's?????

Isn't this the little girl who doesn't like to walk and has an assistant to carry her whenever she gets tired?  Honey - you might want to lose those eyelashes.  If you blink too much you may become airborne.  

Zendaya, I don't know why but I LOVE this little girl. She is so poised and articulate and she has a real sense of her own style.

Anna Kendrick.  Girlfriend, please consider a lip plumper.  

Here she is.  The Human Toothpick Giuliana Rancic.  Noti…

2016 SAG AWARDS ...

I'm a little late with this post and I banged it out really fast so forgive me if I did not include some of your favorites.  And as always feel free to comment ...

Alicia Vikander.  I don't know what to say about this.  It reminds me an earth toned apartment cir. 1970.  Blocks and squares in browns blacks.  She looks beautiful but this dress does nothing for me.  For such a young beauty someone should have advised her better.  Grade:  C-

Amy Pohler.  Boring, boring, boring. Gown ... boring, hair, boring, makeup boring.  No jewelry or bling for an overall look of BORING. Grade:  F-

Anna Faris.  Mhmmm ... this looks like a 1950s dressing gown.  I've never been a fan of this type of collar.  The dress needs to be pressed and is ill fitting.  The sleeves have a cuff and the shoes are all wrong.  Grade:  D-

Brie Larson.  This photo does not do the dress justice. It looks wrinkled at the lap but on camera it was beautiful.  She has a great body although when she walked that slit alm…