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There.  I'd said it.  What I'd wanted to say for so long.  The silence between us was deafening but I was unmoved.  It felt good to finally let it out.  For a second, I almost felt a little sorry for him, but not enough to make this moment any easier for him.  He needed to hear what I had to say.  To process it ... ruminate in it.  His need for me to believe him was equivalent to the will power it took for me to keep my love  for him at bay.  We were opposite sides of the same mirror.  

He remained quiet.  

Then he faced me.  "I didn't know what to do" he said.  "I was committed to the play in Spain and she was there.  I knew it was inevitable that something would happen between us but I had to go.  I was contractually committed and I didn't know how to tell her ... I was embarrassed.  How could I possibly explain ... us?"

"Directly"  I said.

"Directly?!  How do you tell someone that you're in love with someone who exists only in the ether?!"  

He had point. 

"It's like that time you fell in love with the monkey" I told him "Remember?  You were convinced the two of you weren't that different?  Anyone else would have thought you were mad ... but you and I know the power of the ether.  Other people could never understand and it's useless to try to explain.  It is what it is Viggo.  Accept it.  For whatever reason, you and I are meant to exist .... here .... in this mist of memories.  Who can possibly explain it?" 

"You're the only one who knew about the monkey" he said.

"And I swear to you" I assured him "I will remain the only one.  I promise.  Your secrets will always be safe with me.  But this isn't about the monkey .... it's about us."    

 (... to be continued.)


  1. note to self
    find some ether
    find a beautiful woman to fall for me

  2. Join the club! LOL! You too can live another life in a parallel universe!

  3. I read that article about the monkey, Deb!! It had the best picture of Viggo on the cover of the magazine--my favourite so far!

  4. Enid, you don't know how happy it makes me to know that you knew what I was referring to in the post LOL!!!! Viggo had a dream about being in love with a monkey! What a weirdo LOL!

    I wish you could find that picture! I troll the internet all the time looking for and saving pics of Viggo for the blog.

    Thanks for reading and commenting - IT MEANS A LOT TO ME!

  5. Oh Debbie darlin', you have the gift. What you are doing is SUPER. Let's face it, in this harsh world, we have to CREATE!!!!

    SO NICE TO SEE YOU.....we are quite busy out here with another building project and home redecorating, all for my Etsy business. I have done pretty well, but now have to go out locally. Our basement will be undergoing a bit of a change in order to allow me to have a more efficient space to work in.

    YOU SAW MARIE???? I skyped with her a while back and must see her again. THE KIDS ARE ALREADY OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL? Remember when that was US?????

    Well, Ruben is up and about now so I best get off my chair, but I will give him your fond regards. LOVE TO YOU DEBBIE! Anita

  6. LOL Deb--I know!! He asked the interviewer if it would be so wrong to make love to a monkey, and that she was really affectionate, and always wanted sex!!! Um, yes, Viggo, it would be wrong!! Was he messing with her?!
    Try Googling October 2009 Mens Journal Cover Viggo Mortensen. It should come up. I read all things Viggo!
    Love how you write--you do have a gift! We are so alike re how hot we think he is, ha ha. We're the same age, both married, grown children! Everyone in my life knows how I'm hot for him. When my husband turns on the TV and he's on, in a movie, he'll call me and say, "Your boyfriend's on!!"

  7. Enid! I wish you lived closer to me!!! We could meet over drinks and talk about Viggo and go see his movies together and be BFF's LOL! I'm going to google the article! Stay tuned ... Viggo Chronicles Part IV coming up!


  8. Oh, Deb, I would love that!!! I also love to write, but I write about people and their lives (as I am an ex Mental Health Professional). Creating fiction is something I truly admire! And YESSSSSSSSS!!! we could share Viggo fantasies, drinks, and I'm sure our parallel lives!!! All my peeps have such a good time with my obsession. I'm very open about it! I also have a theatre background so when I read articles about him, I am constantly in awe re his integrity, eloquence, and process. He is a very private individual, yet if you hit the right button, he will really appreciate it and give alot of himself. When I first saw him, in A Walk On The Moon, I was smitten. I love how he has become a part of your fiction! I get such a hit from your critiques of all kinds of things--from Madge to political views. I hope that you can turn your creativity with writing into something golden!!

    1. Enid you have just made my day! I am smiling from ear to ear right now. One of the things I love about Viggo is his integrity and you never see him with the lastest bimbo on his arm. LOVE THAT. I would love to write something golden and have it turned into a movie and then it wins the academy award and then Viggo becomes my mentor and then ... no end to dreaming!


  9. Aww, Deb, I'm honoured!! Yes, Viggo is so NOT about superficiality and bimbos. You never find him in the clubs. He even knows how to talk to kids--of all ages--and of course, he was beyond astounding in The Road with Kody. That really says something. He's a very committed father. He's actually apparently quite shy, but certainly has come to be able to handle the legions of women that adore him. I even approve of Ariadna!! Did you ever read an interview with him where the interviewer asked him (of course it was a female, because a man would never ask this) if he thought that any one of his past relationships was "the one?" His answer was: "All of them." Is that not the perfect answer?!!? You should send your screenplay to Viggo, maybe care of Perceval Press, LOL. Have it go to David Cronenberg--they love each other!! OK--I don't want to seem like I'm a bit of a nutter here--trust me, my life is so "normal"--but I just love the Vigster!!!

  10. PS--Love you too!!!


  11. I don't think you're a nutter because I'M THE SAME WAY! LOL! BUT, I KNEW when he did Alatriste that he was in love with Ariadna because she's an artist and I was DEVASTATED LOL! WAAAAH! Didn't you see the post I did about it? It's pretty hilarious.

    If only ... I could really write a screen play and have him play himself that would be too cool LOL ... until then, I'll keep on dreaming!

  12. Yeah, I knew he was very into Ariadna when I saw the 2 of them being interviewed at the Toronto Film Fest re Alatriste. It was conspicuous by Viggo's attempts to be very "asexual" that they were into each other. She was kind of gushing--it was a giveaway. Of course, I looked for all signs and symptoms! Then they stuck her in Appaloosa--I'm sure that they had fun making that. I haven't seen the Alatriste post--I'll have to look! If not for having Viggo in it, I never would have bothered watching that movie!! Talk about lame and low-budget! I LOVE your irreverence and potty mouth!!! He keeps their relationship very on the QT. I absolutely respect that....but yeah, I just want him to remain single and and unavailable to anyone!!! Except maybe to the orangutan.....!!!!

  13. Yeah ... I knew it was serious when she was in Appaloosa (talk about a tiny part I don't think she even had a line!) but I have to say I was heartbroken. I did a whole thing on my blog about it ... how he broke my heart it's hilarious. I'll have to find it! I'm so bad at tagging my posts. It is so good to know there is another out there who is just as nuts as I am. It confirms to me that not all stalkers are cray.

  14. Me too, Deb!! I really am nuts about him!! I mean, I am an absolute middle class professional married woman in the burbs who had a very misspent and fun wild youth; 28 years as a medical social worker; now a language teacher; community theatre actor; one married son, a 2 y/o grandson and another on the way any day; a movie and theatre buff, and have spent the last 6 years trolling the Net, reading every frikking Viggo interview, have seen every vid clip. My one regret? We lived in Milwaukee for 5 years, which is 90 minutes from Chicago--Viggo was in Chicago at a Q & A--I forget where--and I didn't go!! I think that he is the hottest man--obviously his looks are amazing, but the brain is the largest sex organ, honey!! And he is is a thinker and oh, so articulate. And his politics--pitch perfect--he's an intellectual, yet can weave it all into one amazing package! Everything about him is perfect! Smooches back!! Yeah--we're nuts--and I'm so glad I found you!!! xo


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