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And please everyone, make it a point to watch the CNN HEROES PROGRAM tomorrow night. It will inspire you and fill you with awe at the amazing things one human being can do for his fellow man.

Blessings everyone!

Another Hollywood Divorce

Eva, Eva, Eva ... I'm so sorry my love, but what did you expect?
You married a puppy. You should have listened to me ...

I saw the Queen on Fox TV ...

She sure is pretty ... in a "mommy" sort of way. Not in a Governor or President way. Pleeeeeze God, No. Sarah Palin has five kids, one with Downs Syndrome. How in the world does she think she's going to run the world with all those kids? And you know she's gonna run in 2012, right after her reality series comes to an end. You know, the one all about Alaaaaaska. But, if George W was able to do it for eight years, I guess anyone can. Even me.
All I can tell you is that I lost my job under George W. I was out of work for two years and survived only because Obama kept extending unemployment benefits. If it weren't for that I'd probably be living in someone's garage right now. Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT ... anywhoo, the republicans now have the house and now everything will be ALL BETTER (and I'm sure it'll happen within ... ooooh, 2 month tops cause you know those republicans ... they know how to get things done.
*Sigh* ... it's all so depressing.

Atlanta Housewives - IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER ...

Well, MISS PHAEDRA treated all of us to her session of very personal and special pregnancy photographs.

Composition of photo? Apollo feeding Phaedra a ginormous pickle (oh my ... there are sooooo many things I can say right now ... especially if your old man has been in "the joint").

Miss Phaedra believes that ...."pregnancy photographs are sooooo artistic ....(especially when SHE'S in them).

OKAY, It's only been two episodes and I totally cannot stand her.

And Sheree, your doctor is NOT a doctor. Trust me my love. HOW DO I KNOW? I KNOW. He's a charlatan. A phony, a fake. First of all, he invites Sheree over to "his friend's apartment" (?????) (right there I'd be all WTF?!) His explanation? He's bi-coastal. Uh-huh. My translation: "the dude's got no pad of his own".

So, the original plan was to invite her over and he would cook her dinner. But when she gets there, he ends up getting Miss Sheree to slice up some strawberries a…