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Okay ... moving right along

From my lovely, inspiring and thought provoking post of Thursday to the wacky world of those zany housewives in New York City ... LET'S DISH!

Kelly Bensimon (second from left in photo) turns into a giggly 14 year old girl whenever she is in the company of a human being with a penis. You'd think that being a big ol New York socialite/ex-model who has just done a shoot for Playboy she'd come off a lot more mature, secure and sophisticated than Hannah Montana. Kelly met with a journalist for the interview that will accompany her naked pics in Playboy. She flirted and gushed and ran her fingers through her hair and said OMG about seventeen hundred times and then she kept asking him what he thought of her naked pictures ... this chick is a PIECE OF WORK. She is so obvious in everything she does she's embarrassing to watch and the clincher is, she thinks she's cute and adorable. But, I guess this infantile behavior has always worked for so ... there you go. And surprise, surprise, after the interview the cute journalist DID ask her out "on a date" to which she responded ... "are you asking me out on a date!? like a real date where you pick me up and everything! OMG! Sure! Oh wow! Great!!! Trust me ... you had to see it to appreciate it. Proof once again that the male species has a brain about the size of a pea.

Newly divorced LuAnn DeLessups ... OOPS! What a FAUX PAUS! I meant, The Countess DeLessups (good thing I caught that when I did. She might have sued my ass for not referring to her in the correct manner, along with a curtsy) Anyway, we see her speaking with her teen aged daughter Victoria about the prospect of "getting out there" again and you know ... dating. Her daughter is really sweet and according to The Countess, EXTREMELY TALENTED AND GREAT AT DRAWING. Uh, I saw the pictures she was drawing and she draws just about as good as I do. Sorry. Just being truthful. SO, The Countess, who just happens to personally know designer Catherine Malandrino, tells her daughter that she'll get her an internship with the designer for the summer because she and "Cathy" are close personal friends and since Victoria draws so amazingly well she's fairly certain that her daughter is going to grow up to be a designer. And just like that, a 14 year old girl is assured a summer internship with a style icon. What 14 year old girl gets a summer internship with a super duper famous fashion designer? I guess it pays to be a pretentious, social climbing COUNTESS.

And that's all I have to say about that ... the rest of these gals did not move me to make anymore comments or observations because it was the SAME OLD SAME OLD, JUST A BUNCH OF CACKLING OLD HENS.


  1. I think Kelly Bensimon needs to be slapped....she is a 40-something woman, not a stupid insecure teenager. She needs to learn some manners and needs to quit acting like she's in junior high....and the fool who asked her on a date needs to be slapped! Obviously he knows it's just going to lead to sex, that's why he's excited! He's a man....come on.

    As for the Dumb Countess....she needs to be COUNTed out!!


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