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2, 4, 6, 8 ...

I was watching Dr. Oz today and there was a woman on the show who had weighed 194 pounds and was wearing a size 18. She lost about about 40 lbs and got down to 155 lbs and is now in a SIZE 6. AWWWWW, I DON'T THINK SO. I'm not gonna tell you all what I weigh or what size I wear but believe me, at 155 lbs you are NOT A SIZE 6. If you were, I WOULDN'T NEED TO GO ON A DIET!!! At 155 lbs you're probably wearing a size 16 or larger. This is called "vanity sizing" or ... "lying to the customer". In the olden days ... when I was young, the smallest size you could possibly find was a size 3. You could to go the size 3 rack and there were like three things hanging there. HARDLY ANYTHING. The next size up was a 5, then a 7 and so on. Today we have size 0's. WTF. I think a 0 today is equivalent to a 3 in 1975. And a 4 is really a 6, and a 6 is really an 8, and so on. According to the woman above, I should be a size 4.

A couple of years ago ... before I was a big fat pig, I was eating very CAREFULLY and exercising like a maniac. Spin classes, aerobics classes, Pilate's classes, elliptical machine, weights ... I was working out 3-4 times a week for an hour and half and my two girlfriends were wearing size 4 jeans and I was still in double digits. HUH! THIS CANNOT BE. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS SHOPPING?! IT'S VANITY SIZING!

This is taken from a Newsweek article from October 2006:

The average woman is about 155 pounds and 5 feet 4 inches, according to SizeUSA, a 2003 survey by industry research group [TC]2. That's about 20 pounds heavier than the average woman of 40 years ago. But don't assume today's woman is wearing a bigger size than her mother. "According to standard size measurements, that average 155 pound woman should be wearing a size 16, but thanks to vanity sizing, she's probably buying a 10 or a 12." [...]

Think of vanity as self-delusion on a mass scale. Any woman over 40 knows something isn't right if she can wear a smaller size than she wore 20 years and 10 pounds ago. Yet we gratefully slip into a size 6 pair of Old Navy jeans even though we wouldn't be able to squeeze into our 1980 size 10 Calvin Kleins.

I haven't worn a size 6 since IN YEARS. But then I'm in my early 50's, pre-menopausal and my weight gain is very NORMAL ... even though it is depressing.

This is why you have little girls binging and purging and starving themselves to be a size 0 ala Nicole Richie. IT'S SICK SICK SICK. Jessica Simpson was on Oprah the other day and spoke about all the controversy regarding her weight and even at her heaviest, she was a size FOUR (which in reality is probably a size 6 ... which for me ... is a goal!) And the entire world was calling her FAT.

I'm sorry ... I just needed to vent. SO MANY PEOPLE LIE TO US and I'm tired, tired, tired. The fashion industry lies to us, politicians lie to us, celebrities and sports figures lie to us. EVERYBODY'S LYING ... and EVERYBODY must be destroyed ... and that's all I have to say about that ...


  1. I can't even say anything here because even with vanity sizing, I'm still not a size 6!! :)

  2. Wow, Debbie, I'd really like to talk to you more about this some time, because it is yet another way that we Americans have a totally self-deluded culture.

    I was reading an article the other day about how our country's economic health is read and reported, and I discovered that several years ago the U.S. govt began using formulas that make the economy look a hellava lot better than it actually is. So when you hear how bad things are economically, it means that it's way worse.

    Honestly, I think half the stuff that goes on in this cultural is absolute pucky.



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