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Another year, another Red Carpet.  This one wasn't as exciting as most, nor as glamorous.  No one really WOWED me, but I am a faithful watcher so let's begin.
BACKUP!  I just saw the last of the show.  They announced La La Land as Best Picture and it was a MISTAKE!!!  Moonlight really won!  OMG.  The La La Land cast were making their speeches and a guy runs onto the stage to say it was a mistake.  WOW.  That's a first!
OKAY .... back to fashion ....
First, we have the beautiful Alicia Vikander.  I really liked this look on camera though in the photograph below it looks rather plain.  But I liked it so ... Grade:  A

Ana Duverney ... this looks like a David's Bridal purchase.  The dress looks stiff like paper and uncomfortable.  She must have been scratching through the entire show.  Grade:  D- 

Blanca Blanco.  Really.  That is her name.  Translation:  White White ???? 
We begin with too much Frou Frou on the shoulders, the slit is way too high and hopefully for our sake she …


Just a few quickies ...
Chrissy ... I do not find this chick is pretty at all.  She's all cheeks.  The dress looks like a very elaborate corset.  Me no likee.  Grade:  F

Demi wearing a very similar dress as Chrissy's except in white.  I like this one better and Demi is looking dewy and beautiful.  Grade:  A

Carrie Underwood in another dress just like the previous two (????) but in red.  Don't these gals have a heads up on who is going to wear what?  Grade:  B

And now we have the same dress minus the cut out in the boob area on Adele in forest green.  Yuck.  My least favorite color.  This looks very utilitarian ... almost like a military uniform.  Adele, however looks lovely ... Grade:  A

Katharine McPhee looking very classy.  Grade:  A

Mother Nature showed up ...

Cee Lo Green in gold looking like a tiny monster.  Grade:  F -- double flip and a cartwheel snap.  BAD.

A very elegant classy look on a pretty girl ... Grade:  A

Ursula left the sea for a while to attend the Grammy Awards …