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Honest to God I don't know why I'm shocked ... BUT I AM!!!  WTF?!?!

John Edwards found NOT GUILTY on one count, jury hung on five other counts.  MISTRIAL.  The bastard goes free ...

AMERICA ... it's time to get serious.  These rich mothers get away with
murder/lying/whoring/larceny/corruption ... it is endless.  I am so disgusted. 

AMERICA ... WE MUST OCCUPY WASHINGTON D.C., BANKS, AND CORPORATE AMERICA.  I will be back with more thoughts after I process this unbelievable verdict.


Why is it that a fleck of excrement can stick to a porcelain toilet bowl with such ferocity?  It seems no brush or scrub or sandblasting tool can remove that sucker.  However, I'll bet that if I were to lick it, it would come right off with no problem whatsoever.

I have also wondered why boogers (I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT WORD) and seeds and crap from your teeth that you spit out while showering manage to stick to the shower tile with such ferocity as well.  The only way to remove them is with your fucken fingernail, and even with that you gotta scrape back and forth for 15 seconds when the last think you wanna do is touch that shit.  Why is that? 

This is the sort of crap I ponder.  


I'm a Democrat only because there isn't a party that really represents me and I'd rather eat glass then become a Republican.  However, with that said I just got this email from Nancy Pelosi ...

Deborah --

The last year has been a clear reminder of why we must elect more Democratic women to Congress.

To reignite the American dream, stop the Republican assault on women’s health care, and move our country forward, women must have a seat at the table.

We’re fortunate to have extraordinary women candidates running strong campaigns for Congress across the country.

Many of these tremendous women will be joining me for a special Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch on Tuesday May 22nd in Los Angeles.

If you contribute $3 or more to our Women’s Leadership Fund today, you will be automatically entered to win a chance to join me at this wonderful event (transportation and hotel included!) >>
With your support, women will lead House Democrats to the Majority.

I hope you can join us.


Ok.  Got my dose of dirty T.V. and caught the Housewives of Orange County.  

ONE:  Alexis Bellino is unbelievably DUMB.  She planned a PUPPIES AND PRINCESS party for her twins McKenna and Melania (what the fuck ever happened to NORMAL names) ... there were princesses and carriages and puppies and birthday cake and tiaras.  And this broad is so proud of herself because she can manage it all while having a CAREER (EYES ROLLING).  

DUMB - Adjective
1.   Lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. 2.   Lacking the power of speech (often offensive when applied to humans); a dumb animal 3.  

TWO:  Tamara had her second husband Simon's name surgically removed from her ring finger to prove her love for Eddie (just like she put the tattoo on her ring finger in the first place to prove her love for Simon).  Tamara is afraid to bring her kids into her relationship with Eddie the Chipmunk because she's afraid that it will cause them to break up and he'll…


 I initially posted this last Mother's Day as a tribute to my mother.  I would like to wish all the mother's out there a beautiful Mother's Day.  

My mother was a compulsive/obsessive list maker whose house was IMMACULATE. People would come into our house and, upon seeing their reflection in the varnished hardwood floors would marvel and always comment ... "My God! Your floors are so shineeeeeee!"
She took great pride in her home. It was spotless and, as my husband once said, if she could have placed a velvet rope from the kitchen to the living room she would have ... because no one was allowed to "live" in the living room.

Being raised in a home that was kept like a museum was not always easy. My bedroom was a little girl's dream ... beautifully decorated and perfectly kept. Everything was in its place, spotlessly clean and picture perfect. I remember how uncomfortable my little girlfriends felt when they came to visit me. If we were in my…


"Ok ... now I cut off fingers and pull teeth."  -- Nikolai Luzien, Eastern Promises.