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The Golden Globes Best and Worst

Ok, it's my favorite time of year ... AWARD SEASON! So, instead of my usual rantings and ravings, let's take a little walk on the Red Carpet and talk about last night's Golden Globes ... who looked great, who looked terrible ... Scarlett Johanssen. Truthfully, she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. Have you seen those commercials for that super duper fantastic condom that will blow your hair straight back? She must have gotten laid right before the ceremony ... Grade: F
Ok. These two look like a pair of waxed figures from MadamTussaud's. Throughout the entire broadcast the cameras kept panning to Brad and Angelina ... we watched Angelina fixing Brad's bow tie - awwwww, then we watch as Angelina leans on Brad's shoulder awwww, and we watch as Angelina puts on some lip gloss ... just like a real human female ....their whole ACT makes me ill. It is strictly for the cameras for cyring out loud ... they totally play to the audience. When these two finally break up…

Debbie, please forgive me ... I've been a fool

please ... come back to me ... PLEEEEEZE

A re-run ... just cause I hate her ...

1. Demi Moore: "I don't know if there is any particular secret [to staying youthful], she says "I think that laughter and smiling are one of the best antidotes to aging that you can possibly have."

She's 47 and she looks 27. I'm 53 and have laughed and smiled all of my life and I look ... 53. Someone's a liar and needs to be bitch slapped.

I just finished listening to Sarah Palin's "statement" on the Tucson shootings ...

I rest my case. Kinda different when it's you, huh Sarah.

I'm sorry hon ... does this "offend" you? Well, TOO BAD. Your "cross-hairs map" offended me. You Moron.
AND P.S. ... As for her eight minute speech, she was addressing us as if she were sitting in the oval office with the American flag on display like she was the President of the United States or something. She's nobody. She's a quasi-politician who quit the governorship of Alaska because she saw dollar signs when the heavens parted and God told her to go and promote the right wing agenda. Who is Sarah Palin that she has to make a TELEVISED STATEMENT to US? She's nobody. She has a reality T.V. show where we watch her lock, load and kill defenseless animals and entertain other morons like Kate Gosselin and her brood of brats. Sarah Palin, and those of her ilk are exactly the people she was speaking about in her speech. I don't recall anyone else posting a map of the United States with c…