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Characters:  Receptionist


Secretary receives call from her big important boss to have a name added to security.  Said gentleman will be arriving at our office in approximately one hour to have secretary (me) receive and scan closing documents in a big important deal.  I post haste, email receptionist to relay message giving receptionist name of gentleman and time he is arriving, WHY he is arriving and please call me (secretary) when he arrives.
Because Secretary has history with Receptionist (e.g., ignoring emails, not ordering lunch, etc.) secretary makes sure she has a notification in her Outlook that will notify her that receptionist has actually opened and read secretary's email.  Approximately 15 minutes later I receive this from receptionist …
All taken care.  It really helps speed these up if you put a date in your subject line. Thx.
Secretary ponders said message.  How to respond?  Should I respond?  Or should I ask her to refrain from smoking crack on the j…