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Well, it's been a big week for divorce. Everyone seems to be doing it.

Vicki Gunvalson (aka Miss Piggy) - how anyone could stay married to this broad for even half a minute is beyond me. Donn - you deserve a medal my friend. I think you should consider hooking up with Jeanna Keough. She deserves a NICE man and she's not such a ball buster. AND, she is an ex-Playmate. Not bad. Sounds like a match made in heaven. But she does have those two HORRIBLE boys. (p.s. to Jeanna - you need to dot both their eyes out). As for you Vicki, I hope all your millions keep you warm at night ... (p.s. P-R-O-Z-A-C. Just a thought).

Camille Grammer - Kelsey's soon-to-be ex-wife and cast member on Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the Beverly Hills Housewives bio it says she's an ex-dancer ... (does this include a pole?) I saw her on the Housewives and all I can say is ... she really knows how to writhe. And I would suggest that instead of botoxing the hell outta your face you should have your…