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Sandra Bullock ...

I AM SO HEARTBROKEN FOR THIS WOMAN. I feel so much like she's my girlfriend in my head that I wish I could just call her up. I am crushed for her. I'm so mad at Jesse and that skanky tattooed whore!!!! (Jesse likes these skanky porn chicks ... he was married to one - ugh) WOMEN ... WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO OTHER WOMEN?! I just don't know what else to say except how sad I am about this and how I really feel for her ... let the women of the world unite as sisters and send all our love and support into the ether of life to reach Our Sandra. WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!

p.s. I contemplated putting the skank's picture on this post but such a lowlife doesn't deserve to be posted on my blog. However, I do hope that she gets explosive diarrhea and dies in her own feces.


  1. Damn Debbie-tell us how you really want her to die! I feel bad for Sandra-what a rotten thing to do to someone you claim to love. Hope she can get past this quickly and stronger.

  2. Thanks for blogging about Sandra's plight. I just keep remembering her acceptance speech as the GGs, where she said she never knew what it was like to have someone get her back. What do you think was going through his mind...."Oh my God, I stabbed her in the back" ??

  3. Why, oh why, can't men keep it in their pants? And I still don't understand why famous people forget that their every move is watched. Why would Jesse James assume this would stay a secret????? Like the infamous Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon." And, women really shouldn't sell themselves short on a man that cheats. And, most importantly, women should not do this to each other. Sadly, given the screwed up society we live in, the bimbo in question will probably get her own reality show or end up on the Bachelorette.. Jeez Louise. Sandra has some very difficult times ahead of her and some very difficult decisions to make. God bless her. Sister-Friend

  4. I am heartbroken for Sandra. I feel so bad for her, my heart aches. She is so down to earth, she loved him like crazy, she helped raise his could he do something like that to her....and to do it with that skank!?! OMG! Doesn't he care that everyone is thinking he is a disgusting pig and his skank is just that, A NASTY, DIRTY SKANK who is all tatted up looking like trash!! These men can't keep it in their pants because there is always some stupid bimbo out there who thinks "oh he loves me even though his wife is famous and beautiful and richer than anyone I've ever even known...." and she sleeps with him and then she cries because he betrayed her!! UH HELLO!!!! HE BETRAYED HIS WIFE, AND YOU, YOU STUPID WH*RE WERE THE ONE HE BETRAYED HIS WIFE WITH!!! I hope her tits shrivel up and fall off!

  5. They looked happy, she was very content living a life she was afraid she would never achieve, she was at the top of her game and had everything going for her and most recently...vulnerable to the world...which makes this even more humiliating. It's very sad, but's up to them to work it out.



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