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I need a vacation ...

FROM THE WORLD. I'm so tired of reality t.v. and all the disgusting and duplicitous shenanigans of politicians, athletes and what not that I feel like I need a vacation far, far away ... like the MOON. I read this morning on MSN that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has just been cast. OMG ... another batch of botoxed, big breasted, trout mouthed, filthy rich bimbettes ... Do we really need this? I admit that I have watched ALL the Housewife franchises but the show has become so, so ... predictable. None of these women have any redeeming qualities whatsoever and they have nothing to do with REAL housewives ANYWHERE. The Beverly Hills Housewives cast has two Hilton sisters, Kelsey Grammer's wife, who is an ex-playboy model, the wife of a plastic surgeon and a restaurateur. Just your typical batch of regular gals running their kids around, and trying to find time for themselves in between doing all those household chores ... NOT.

You see these little twits in the car? One of the sisters was arrested for having been part of the Bling Ring .. a group of kids who were robbing celebrities to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars ... and they gave her a reality show. INCREDIBLE. Is it just me or are you tired of this craziness too? I'll tell you a reality show I'd watch ... I'd love to see these little shits spend a year or two in PRISON ... WHERE THEY BELONG! Another reality show idea ... O.J. and Bernie Madoff and their lives today ... in jail ... you'd have a guaranteed ratings bonanza on your hand.
I do feel that a new trend may be afoot ... at least I'm hoping. Instead of rewarding people for their bad behavior and giving them reality shows I think we're getting to the point that the public is so UNSHOCKABLE NO ONE IS GOING TO CARE ANYMORE. No one is going to care that you eff-d a politician and had his kid and then put your sexual exploits on tape for all the world to see ... they're just going to call you what you are .... an opportunistic beyotch who has no respect for herself and has no regard for others ... no one is going to care that you left your wife and children for a porn star ... they're just going to think you're a perv who doesn't care about your family or your reputation ... no one is going to want to see your stupid reality show. People are NOT going to spend their hard earned money on trash or waste their precious free time watching your stupid reality show. It's coming ... just wait ... no more reality stars, no more reality shows ... PLEASE GOD.

... and that's all I have to say about that.


  1. I have never, nor will I ever see one of these shows. I just can't bring myself to look at such nonsense. And I think these people, producers included, insult my intellegince by even bringing that trash to viewers. But I guess someone must like it because, well, they are watching. Isn't there enough real drama in the world without these people who could care less about what anyone but themselves feel being given a slot on tv and then paid for their immoral lifestyles. Where has television gone? Where has the world gone?

    Comadre, until we get a specific date, keep June 18 through the 28th open. The Rivera's are coming to town. Hopefully we'll get a date agreeable to everyone and have a good lunch or something.

  2. Ruben

    I'd just get mad and frustrated like you watching morons get the glory for being morons.

    I wonder what the kids of today's kids will be watching 30 to 40 years from now.

    Watch the documentary "The Merchants of Cool." You can rent or check out from a library.

    It's some pretty scary caca.



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