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1.  Oprah interviewed the entire Kardashian klan.  I cannot believe she even sat down with these morons.  I am seriously disappointed in her.  Of course I watched.  I had to in order to report.  But I felt guilty and disgusted with myself the entire time.  Insights:  Kris Jenner is a whore.  Kim Kardashian is a whore.  Bruce Jenner has no gonads.  I jest of course.  None of these opinions were insights.  The entire world already knows what I have just stated.  And can I just add that Kim K's vagina probably needs a rejuvenation.  She told Oprah that her mother let her get on birth control when she was FOURTEEN.  I hadn't even had my first kiss when I was fourteen.  But this was back in the dark ages when dinosaurs ruled the earth.  This family is like a bad LSD flashback.  (Note:  Everyone is color coordinated except Bruce. Turquoise, nude, black.  Bruce threw the whole picture off with his untucked SKY blue and white striped shirt which totally clashes with turquoise, of whic…


"You're right.  And everything you've said is true.  I've been insensitive and cavalier with your feelings ... this crazy ether ... it's hypnotic, nonsensical ... between here and there I can't tell what is real and what isn't.  Nothing makes sense here.  But my feelings .... my feelings for you are real.  You have to believe me."  He plead. 
"I understand" I said "This twilight zone .... this other dimension we travel back and forth to without rhyme or reason ...  is it good?  Is it bad?  I don't know.  But when I'm here with you it's the only place I want to be."   

Then SNAP!  That moment was past, and just like that we had advanced to a time in the future where we were in the middle of the beginning of a new relationship which was still in the throes wonderful firsts.
We had skipped beyond the awkward period of wondering where we each stood with one other and knew that we were now at a different phase of our once u…


There.  I'd said it.  What I'd wanted to say for so long.  The silence between us was deafening but I was unmoved.  It felt good to finally let it out.  For a second, I almost felt a little sorry for him, but not enough to make this moment any easier for him.  He needed to hear what I had to say.  To process it ... ruminate in it.  His need for me to believe him was equivalent to the will power it took for me to keep my love  for him at bay.  We were opposite sides of the same mirror.  

He remained quiet.  

Then he faced me.  "I didn't know what to do" he said.  "I was committed to the play in Spain and she was there.  I knew it was inevitable that something would happen between us but I had to go.  I was contractually committed and I didn't know how to tell her ... I was embarrassed.  How could I possibly explain ... us?"

"Directly"  I said.

"Directly?!  How do you tell someone that you're in love with someone who exists only in the…


My thoughts were racing ... how do I handle this impossible situation?  There was no "best" course of action.  I loved him.  I wanted to tell him everything!  How I'd longed for him and missed him and waited for him in the ether.  But I couldn't risk being perceived as needy and pathetic.  I could not allow myself to be that vulnerable.  

It's a strange thing to have what you've most desired in all the world finally at your feet.  I had a profusion of thoughts racing through my brain all at once.  What if I were coy and toyed with him?  Punished him for hurting me so?  What if I gave in to him like I wanted to, without abandon nor reservation?  Would he still want me?  Now, he was here before me ... vulnerable and defenseless ... right where I'd always wanted him ... but I was the one that was all undone.  I had to appear strong despite my inner weakness. 

"How could I be in your head for such a long time when all of this time you've been with h…


"Todos Tenemos un Plan" (translation:  We all have a plan)
Just when I'm feeling down in the dumps, nothing to look forward to and just plain ol blue, my boyfriend comes along to make everything all right. 

And FYI ... I will be posting Part II of the Viggo Chronicles next week.


It had been so long since he'd come to see me in the ether and yet, it was as if no time had passed at all.  We picked up right where we left off ... in the library ... of my dreams.    He wasted no time ... he took my hand and led me to a corner where we could be alone.  We were hidden behind bookshelves and as we sat facing each other, cross-legged on the floor, he laced his fingers between mine and looked at me.  I felt very comfortable and completely at ease, as if I were in a deep meditative state.  This was not like the other times when I was so excited I could hardly breathe.  This time it was different.  This time HE was different.  Slowly he drew me close, his hand at the back of my neck pulling me near.  His eyes searched my face as he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand ... and then ...  the KISS.  Soft, warm, his eyes closed ... magic.  When we pulled away he looked at me with a vulnerability I'd never seen before and I knew ... the ball was in my court.