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SO, once again Jada Pinkett Smith has gotten her panties in a twist because her girl, Tiffany Haddish was not nominated for a Golden Globe for "Girls Trip."  Jada ... you do realize that "Girls Trip" is hardly Shakespeare.  Yeah it made a hundred million dollars, but so what?  It was a funny little comedy.  You gotta take a chill pill.  Your righteous indignation is getting a bit tiresome.
Just so you all know who was nominated in this category:
Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Judi Dench, "Victoria & Abdul" Margot Robbie, "I, Tonya" (Tonya Harding biopic) Saoirse Ronan, "Lady Bird" Emma Stone, "Battle of the Sexes" Helen Mirren, "The Leisure Seeker"
Girl, these are some heavy hitters.  Tiffany Haddish is funny as shit, but she has not yet earned her place in the above referenced category.  It's HOLLYWOOD Jada ... Like Washington D.C., but with more glitter.  Quit trying to take a political stance…