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CONGRATULATIONS VIGGO on your Third Oscar Nomination!!!


So, after my husband told me that I was mean to him I decided to make him his favorite dinner.  Roasted chicken, Stove Top stuffing and corn.  Hearty comfort food.  As you all know, our rule is -- whoever cooks, the other does the dishes.  

After enjoying our meal, and good night of TV, we headed upstairs to bed, BUT ... Danny remained downstairs, went into the kitchen and started doing the dishes!  As I relaxed in bed and heard him clanging the dishes as he did them I almost felt bad for him and contemplated telling him to forget the dishes ... do them tomorrow.  But I didn't.  I felt I had to stick to my guns.  

That morning, Danny was planning to spend the day with a friend at a racquetball tournament.  I was still sleeping as he kissed me good-bye.  I told him to have a good time and thanked him for doing the dishes last night.

When I woke up, THIS is what I found in my sink.  

I only wished I'd taken the picture before all the suds went away.  THIS is how Danny does dishes.  …



Giuliana Rancic has gone with a very pretty ballgown, very princessy blush, lavendar and pink sparkly flowers, however I don't like the belt.  Giuliana photographs very well here however on camera her teeth stick out from her teeny tiny jawline and make her look like a cadaver.  She should warn folks not to get too close to her ... those shoulder bones could take an eye out.  Grade:  A

Lily Collins - beautiful girl and this dress!  GORGEOUS!  The shade of rose or mauve or whatever you want to call it is beautiful on her skin.  Her makeup is perfection, hair/jewels amazing.  Grade:  A++ WINNER WINNER WINNER  WINNER

Olivia Culpo - GORGEOUS girl.  I actually really like this gown.  It has a European feel to it.  I love the fabric and the neckline.  Hair is good and makeup is perfection. Grade:  A 

Emily Ratajkowski.  There is something so sexy about this chick that just teeters on slutty.  She has gigantic knockers which I…


So, we have dinner plans at 9 pm. Friends arriving at 7pm for champagne and snacks and a little conversation before we leave to the restaurant.  At 3:30 pm, Danny decides he is going to make chicken soup.  Not from-a-can-chicken soup, but taking-a-whole-chicken-and-putting-in-the-crock-pot chicken soup.  Now ... those of you of the female persuasion who are reading this blog post know how FUCKING STUPID this is.  One does not take on cooking project like this when one is (a) leaving for the evening and (2) IT'S NEW YEARS EVE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD JEEZ!  

So, he gets the chicken, puts in in the pot with water filled literally to the brim of the crock pot.  THIS IS ALREADY GOING WRONG.  But I let him continue.  He threw in an onion and sets it on low.  I did have the presence of mind to ask him if he removed the innards, he did.  Shock of Shocks and Thank You God.  

He left this thing cooking for approximately ninety five hours.  The day after when he decided he wanted to actually eat t…