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Okay ... first let me say that only a few wowed me this year and I am getting to that age where I don't know who some of the actors and actresses are, so with that in mind, let's get started. 

The adorable Amanda Peet.  I think it's difficult to wear this flesh color on the red carpet because it blends into the skin.  It's a pretty little slip of a dress and I like the headband and her makeup looks beautiful.  Grade:  B

Amy Poehler.  BORING.  Grade:  C-

Ashley Judd.  This is the ugliest schmata I've ever seen. What is with the big bow at the neck?  She looks like a cat.  And that beehive?  Very Count Dracula.  

I'm a little disappointed in Ashely ... she is usually so pulled together and chic.  Grade:  F-

It's ugly from the front too but her husband is pretty hunky (but he needs some lips).

Christina Hendricks.  This chick seriously needs a boob reduction.  I say it every year ... she just looks like a fat chick squeezed into this gown.  If she reduced those mam…