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Rielle Hunter Speaks ...

When I learned that this broad opened her mouth I wasn't even interested. Really. What can she possibly say that will sway anyone to her side, defense, etc., et al.? Personally, I don't care about "her story". Apparently, she calls Edwards "Johnny" and stated that though she feels compassion for Elizabeth, she is also a beyotch on wheels. Nice. I barely skimmed the article, and it's a long one, but I lost interest. She's a real wackadoo who apparently can read aura's and crap. I mean look at that picture! She's in a man's shirt and a strand of pearls ... she's probably wearing a thong underneath because, according to the article, she's a size 2, (a fact the writer found so important that she had to let the reader know), and she's surrounded by a bunch of stuffed animals because after all, she's just a mom ... (yeah, mother ... -- I can't say it). She's just another middle aged woman who got knocked up accidentally on purpose ... who knows why ... and ruined the lives of so many people. And granted, I know she didn't do this by herself. (p.s. I wonder what it's like to F a Ken doll?)

Okay ... so here's the scenario ... when poor Elizabeth Edwards passes away, will Rielle (not her real name by the way ... she changed it from Lisa Jo Druk to the much more palatable Rielle ... Reille Hunter ... mhmmm, "Hunter", interesting ...anyway) is she then going to take in Elizabeth and John's two minor children? Will she and Johnny get married and raise a happy family together? And don't forget ... John and Elizabeth Edwards also have an adult daughter who is in law school ... do you really think that after her mother passes away she's going to embrace this blond ... idiot? I mean, let's face it ... John Edwards couldn't have screwed himself worse than if he tried to ... carry on an affair with a 40 something videographer who got pregnant accidentally on purpose and then made a sex tape with her and then swore that it wasn't possible the kid was his and that his friend, Andrew, was really the father, and then he had to admit that HE was the father cause his dick was in a ringer and ... I give up.


  1. OMG!!! Beyotch on wheels -- probably, but come on, her husband was phucking around with a stupid wannabee Pam Anderson who, like you say, got pregnant accidentally on purpose -- HELLO this is the 2000's!!!! NO ONE GETS PREGNANT BY ACCIDENT!!! Birth control is available....and you aren't 15 years old -- you're 40-something!!! AND UGLY TO BOOT!!! I like Elizabeth Edwards....I used to like John I think he sucks! I mean, cheating is cheating....but cheating on your wife who is dying...that's just plain despicable!! I hope his pecker shrivels up and falls off!!! And I hope his funds run out .... and then we'll see how much Lisa Jo likes him then....they'll be soul mates in the poor house! And that's all I have to say about that! Love ya girlie! Keep writing! Corinne

  2. Couldn't have summed up that drama better than you did Debbie. That woman is delusional. If your "man" cheated on his DYING wife, what do you think he'll do to you? When someone shows you who they are-believe them! Tsk Tsk Tsk for that little baby to have such parents.

  3. Can't figure out why she would even pose for pics. Why would she do that? And in my opinion, posing with her daughters stuffed toys mostly naked with a shit eating grin is borderline perverted...I'm just sayin'


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  5. Well, the more immoral and unethical the behavior the longer the fiffteen minutes of fame lasts. Stand by for the book, guest host spot on The View, an excercise DVD, and a reality show... possibly even Dancing with the Stars. Sister-Friend.

  6. Debbie

    My favorite line here: "She's a real wackadoo who apparently can read aura's and crap."

    Sometimes a line like this is better than anything Shakespeare could have done.

    " aura's and crap." She must be a real trip. I'm still laughing.



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