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October 20th .... Happy Birthday Viggo

Though time has passed, the years gone by, my love for you, will never die.

How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways ...

I love your sexy bohemian look with your long hair and scruff on the chin

I love you when you're all dressed up and look like an elegant man ...

 I love you in a plain ol' shirt when you look like a regular guy

I love you dressed in cowboy gear on a horse with a gun at your side

I love you in your bad boy look when you're all tatted up with a sneer ...

But i love you most in your Aragorn suit with your sword
brandished high in the air ...

Happy Birthday you gorgeous hunk of man!


So it appears that Harvey Weinstein’s a perv.  Surprise surprise.  

Most men in power are pervs.  It comes with the territory.  They think they’re Napoleon ... like Donald Trump ... free to grab a pussy if the impulse so inclines them.

Remember Elliot Spitzer? He of moral turpitude who was patronizing thousand dollar call girls at the same time he was cracking down on prostitution?  

Or, more recently, U.S. Representative Tim Murphy who just copped to asking his mistress to get an abortion … this from a man who is adamantly pro-life.  However, he is now taking the high ground and not seeking reelection. 
Dear Mr. Murphy,
You suffer from delusional thinking.  You're not seeking re-election because you know you'll lose .... because YOU’RE A PERV.

Not to mention all the other pervs who hate homosexuals but seek out homosexuals in park bathrooms. 
(I'd post pictures but there are too many).

And you know what happens to these idiots?  Nothing.  Except for Anthony Weiner (which I …