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Eileen Fisher ...

This is another rant.

So I saw Eileen Fisher's new collection spring/summer.  Love it all.  But damn her clothes are EXPENSIVE!!  
These are clothes for women of a certain age, usually fat, or, if you're really tall they'd look great on you.  They have an oversized, comfortable look and feel and are made for rich ladies.  That is why rich ladies who are fat always manage to still look chic.  Fat ladies who are not rich always just look like fat ladies.  
For instance, this outfit right here:

Tres chic right?  Guess how much?  A total of approximately $1,000.  ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. 
Or this one:

Organic linen jacket - price:  $278
Really Eileen?  
And everyone fawns over this lady who designs "real clothes for real women."  You, Eileen, are a liar.  You design chic clothes for rich ladies.
FYI:  Do you know how much more money you'd make if you made your clothes available for regular ladies?  GUHZILLIONS.  You'd totally become a multi-billionaire overnight.  And I …


1.   These freaking things right here:

No matter what, no matter where, these things follow me around.  I can guarantee you there will more than likely be one in my coffin.  And NO ONE WILL KNOW HOW IT GOT THERE.
2.  THESE!

WHEN are these freaking short ankle length pants going to go out of style?!  I HATE them.  You have to be 12 feet tall to wear them.  If you're 5'2" and fat, you look 5'2" AND FAT.  To the fucking left already!

3.  THESE!
Here is a plug:
Here is a socket:  

No matter which way I insert the plug, IT'S ALWAYS THE WRONG FUCKING WAY.  I have to then flip the plug over and re-insert.  I HATE THAT.  You think they'd mark them or something!

That's all.

To anyone who reads this and agrees, please comment.  I need to PROVE to Danny that these things are annoying not only to me but to others as well.  He thinks nobody will get it.  I think he's wrong and EVERYBODY will get it.
Thank you.


These two bitches right here:  

THIS is why I hate rich people.  They're cheaters!  I HATE CHEATERS!  People who can not only afford to send their kids to fancy schools, but when they have kids who are too stupid to actually get into those schools, they can pay off and bribe people to LIE in order to get their stupid kids into fancy schools.  
Here's the thing.  You can cheat at Monopoly, but the win isn't legitimate.  How can anyone enjoy that?  THAT kind of win never satisfied me.  BECAUSE I DIDN'T REALLY WIN.  But there are those people who don't care HOW they win, even if it is by cheating and lying.  Back in the Dark Ages when I was a little girl, how often did I hear a teacher say:  CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER.  But you know what?  THEY DO.  WHEN THEY'RE RICH. 
Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, has her own You Tube channel.  Check it out if you want your brains turned to oatmeal.  What a self-involved little twit  going on and on about HER CAREER ????? 

2019 OSCAR TIME!!!!

Here we gooooooooo!

Adam Driver and Joanne Trucker.  Cutest couple.  I love her look.  Very chic.

Allison Janey - Very chic in black however this look does not excite me.  I love you Allison but I have to give you a C.

Amanda Stenberg - I love the 20's vibe she has going!  Love the hair, love the gown, love the jewels - Grade:  A+

Amy Adams - I enlarged this photo because you can see the detail on the dress much better.  I think this is quite beautiful and she looks very Oscar worthy.  Grade:  A+

Amy Pohler - Very chic!  Grade: A-

Angela Bassett - This is also a very Oscar looking gown and it's a pretty fuscia, but I don't like that thing on the shoulder and it's a little wrinkly.  Grade:  C-

Awkwafina - This does not fit at all!  It adds weight to her middle and looks too tight.  The bag is silver and looks like my traveling make up bag, the bow is silver, bottom line ... it's too much silver.  Grade:  F-

Ashley Graham - VA VA VOOM!!!…