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'Who Is America' Trolls Sheriff Joe Arpaio


OK ... I'm probably a little late with this but I've been busy.
So Serena has a meltdown and breaks her racquet like a five-year old. 
Everyone is defending her because she has a va-jay-jay and no one ever said squat about McEnroe's or Jimmy Conners' tantrums.  Maybe it's because they were boys and had weenies, but it still does not dismiss the fact that they were assholes.  It's behavior unbecoming of ANYONE.
Serena Williams has won A HUNDRED MILLION TIMES AND HAS GAZILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  Can't you just take a loss with a little grace?  Life is unfair cupcake.  If I pulled shit like that in my office every time I was unjustly treated I'd be unemployed and living in a box on Skid Row. 
Suck it up.  Put your big girl panties on a deal with it.  It's not like you're unemployed with no insurance and can't afford your rent for crying out loud.

Whatever happened to SPORTSMANSHIP?  I learned that in elementary school.  And yeah.  Sometimes shit happen…

Lies, lies, lies yeah ...

Dan and I have been married for a hundred and fifty years so you would think that there is no reason to tell little white lies anymore, right?  NO.

The other day I saw him walking around wearing with these really funky shoes.  They were like lady's orthopedic sandals.  And I asked him ... "where'd you get those shoes?"

Dan:  "I've had them for a long time I've just never worn them."  (FYI -- THIS is a woman's standard lie). 

Me:  "Really?  When did you get them?"

Dan:  "I got them from Ebay a long time ago.  I only paid $40!"

Me:  "How come you've never worn them before?"

Dan:  "I actually forgot I had them."  

And all the time I'm thinking ... I've never seen those funky shoes in my life.

OK.  End of story.

Next day ...

I'm on the computer looking at my emails.  And what do I see?  I see an email from Ebay saying:  "Your new shoes were delivered YESTERDAY!" 

Mhmmmm, I say to myself.  Someo…


So Jada has this program (that I've never seen) but there are daily excerpts on various websites with the latest shocking news.  Today she told the entire world that she used to be a sex addict and that her grandmother taught her how to masturbate when she was 9.  Her GRANDMOTHER.  Oh ... and apparently her mother was a heroin addict for 20 years.  GOOD TO KNOW.  This information will now give me the tools I need to live my life effectively.  Thank you Jada.   

And you think you're f***ked up. 

More B.S. from self-involved celebrities ...

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith no longer say they're 'married' ....

"We don't even say we're married anymore. We refer to ourselves as life partners, where you get into that space where you realize you are literally with somebody for the rest of your life," Will said of why they have stopped using married to describe themselves.

"There's no deal breakers. There's nothing she could do ever. Nothing that would break our relationship," he continued. "She has my support till death and it feels so good to get to that space."

My thoughts:

Hey Jada ... Will ... NO ONE GIVES A FUCK, OK. 

NEXT ...
Alexis and Jim Bellino

So, apparently the couple who represented Christian marriage and home-spun values are divorcing.  Actually .... Jim is divorcing Alexis.  And Jim, the  "head priest of his Christian family," is asking for alimony and full custody of his children.  Jim!  Where have your values gone?  How is Alexis going to pay yo…


So, apparently David Foster popped the question and now he and Katherine McPhee are engaged.  

My thoughts:  Katherine McPhee is quite the tart and has certainly slept her way to the very top.  I'm sorry, but between being unfaithful and breaking up marriages I think it's safe to say that Katherine is NOT a "girl's girl."

David, on the other hand, is obviously a man who needs a woman who will be at his beck and call and fawn over him while he plays the piano.  After watching him on RHOBH when he was married to Yolanda she was nothing more than a servant who brought him roasted chicken on a silver platter and called him MY LOVE twenty-four seven.  (eyes rolling) .... then he would RAVE about what a great hostess/cook/wife she was.  That is until she got sick and NEEDED him.  You know, like when you're sick and you need your spouse to love you/care for you/take care of you.  Well WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?  I've got concerts to give and places  to be ... so he di…