Friday, April 9, 2021

MEAN TEACHER and other jerks ...

This lady right here ... Alyssa Rupp Bohenek is a MEAN TEACHER!  Apparently, she wrote the comment below on a little boy's paper.  Naturally, the little boy felt like crap and was afraid to go home and show it to his parents.  He is only 7 years old.


To tell a little boy that his work is PATHETIC is so damaging, so HEARTLESS, so MEAN that this broad should lose her job.  Now y'all know how I hate a bully and the worst kind of bully is a teacher who is a bully.  How does a 7 year old defend himself?! 

This lady should count her blessings that that little boy wasn't my kid because she wouldn't have any hair left after I got through with her.  

My fourth grade teacher traumatized me so badly that I would try to make myself barf every morning so I wouldn't have to go to school.  And I wasn't the only kid who did this.  EVERYONE hated this particular teacher.  I will not name her, but she had blonde hair and blue eyes that would bulge out of her head when she yelled at the class that would scare the f*ck outta everybody.  One look from her was enough to terrify a flying monkey.


These bullies infiltrate all parts of society.  Whether it's the fiefdom of an elementary school or the international halls of business and commerce, they LIVE to be mean and controlling and all powerful (e.g., one Donald J. Trump).  I pray that one day this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated by adults in the work place, or the schoolyard, or the university.  All it does is make people feel like sh*t about themselves and then some a-hole takes a sawed off shotgun and massacres an entire office building.

I'm not "blaming" ... I am merely trying to state how damaging it is when a teacher belittles a student.  SUPREMELY damaging ... because one day that student might grow up to have a blog that is read by lots and lots of people and YOU just may be the subject of one her posts.  😈

Thank you.

NEXT ...

Lance Armstrong's son has been arrested for raping a 16 year old girl in 2018.  Apparently, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  When your father is an arrogant prick it seems inevitable that the son will follow.

Good luck dickwad.

Jennifer Lopez's exes Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony lavish praise on her 

... of course they do.

I wonder how much she paid them.  NEVER HAVE I EVER known of ANYONE who is SO obsessed with her public image.  SAD. 
Jen ... hun, you can try and try and try and try but A-Rod is still going to f*ck around and you will still break up.  Just deal with it.  

Monday, March 29, 2021

DAVE RAMSEY and At Will Employment ...

I believe you all know how I feel about "At Will" employment and "right to work" states.  I HATE THEM.  This means that you can be fired for ANY REASON.  PERIOD.  

Now we have the CHRISTIAN money advisor Dave Ramsey who just also happens to be a multimillionaire ... cause God loves him more than He loves us.  

Anywhoo, here's the headline:

Dave Ramsey's Company Fired 12 Employees for Premarital Sex

Caitlin O'Connor, a former administrative assistant who worked at Ramsey Solutions for years before her termination last June. O'Connor alleged that the company fired her because she was pregnant, as the decision came shortly after she requested paperwork for maternity leave.  

Ramsey Solutions reportedly linked O'Connor's dismissal to the fact that she engaged in premarital sex. The former assistant was not married to her partner, and the child's father, when she announced her pregnancy thereby violating the company's conduct rule.  

Dave's response:

"Sure.  Absolutely," the Ramsey Solutions' owner says in the response section. "We have a moral code of conduct at our office.  I fire people if they have extramarital affairs."

Ramsey's response went on to suggest that, because Tennessee is an "at-will" state, employers are legally allowed to fire employees for any reason, or without cause.

"They freaking work for me," his response continues. "This is an employment-at-will state, which means if I decide I don't like people with green eyes, I don't have to hire you. I don't have to keep you anymore."

EXACTLY.  This is why I hate at-will employment.  The worker is completely unprotected.  What if Dave sexually harassed an employee?  I know he would NEVER do that because he's a Christian, but still.  

One day this will end.  It will.  Because it's cruel and UNCHRISTIAN you asshole.  And I can guarantee you, you have PLENTY of employees who are having premarital sex and even those who are committing adultery with one another -- I PROMISE.  And BTW ... Remember what Jesus told the prostitute at the well?  He told her to "go and sin no more."  HE DIDN'T STONE HER OR FIRE HER.  That's because He has a HEART -- which you obviously do not. 

I HATE self-righteous, judgmental bullies and that is who this guy is.  He'll tell you he's been rich, he's been poor, and he's been rich again, and he sure LOVES being rich.  He recently put his home on the market for $15.4 MILLION DOLLARS.  Um ... correct me if I'm wrong but ... I don't think Jesus even owned a home, let alone one worth $15.4 million.  

LOOK in the mirror you asshole and ask yourself ... WWJD if he had employees.  

Since when is it your business to know, let alone fire anyone for having sex?  Yeah I know, I know.  It's an At-Will state.  I mean, how do you even know this shit?  Do you have all your female employees examined to make sure their hymens are still intact?  I mean seriously dude.  



Sister Mary Debbie  

Friday, March 26, 2021

THE BLOCK ... a little jaunt down memory lane

As most little girls, I had a very best friend. Denise Rivera and her family moved to Manzanar Avenue when I was 9 years old. The Rivera family had what seemed to me like a hundred and fifty kids, but in actuality it was ten (like that's not a lot). This was back in the 1960's when having 3 kids was considered pathetically small. Anyway, the day they moved in was big news because NO ONE NEW had ever moved to our block. This was very exciting to me. New people! New kids! (The picture above is of the Duggars. Just pretend they're Mexican and call them the Riveras).

Being a nosy little kid I rode my bike to the corner and watched them move in and I'm sure I pestered the shit outta everybody as I asked a billion questions and ... there she was, sitting on the porch with her head in her hands looking very sad and forlorn. She was a pretty little girl with big brown eyes and light brown hair. I walked right up to her and said "what's your name?" ... she barely looked up as she quietly said ... "Denise." From that moment on we were best friends.

As we grew from girlhood into young teenagers our bond became very close and like most girls we were squirrely and weird and no one, NO ONE, could make me laugh like Denise. She took great pride in her ability to make me laugh until I peed in my pants and would torture me as I would plead with her "Noooooo, Denise, stooooooooop!"  But, just as she had the power to make me laugh until I peed, I was not without powers of my own. I could get Denise to do ANYTHING, and I mean anything.  She trusted me implicitly.  

I once came up with this cockamamie idea which involved my bike ... I told Denise, "I KNOW, let's you and me ride the bike and I'll tell you where to go but you gotta CLOSE YOUR EYES! ... and she went for this!  And I gotta tell you, Denise was really good at this. She followed my instructions to the tee, turning when I told her to, slowing down when I told her to, she was freaking amazing at this and we only crashed once ... right in front of Bobby Valencia's house ... but that's another story.  After a while I thought to myself ... this is getting boring ... let's make it more interesting ... so I told Denise, "I know ... I'll sit on the bike facing backward and when I tell you where to go it will be in reverse!  So when I say turn left, it really means right, and when I say turn right, it really means left!!!! OKAY?!?!  I still cannot believe I got her to do this shit. 

Once, after we were grown up I begged her to tell me the truth ..."come oooooon, you looked didn't you?!  She swore to me that she never did.  We did have some close calls though.  Once, riding the bike through the alley doing our reverse instruction thing, I happened to twist around to see where we were headed ... and I saw a metal pole and a brick wall rapidly advancing ... try to picture this ... the handlebars on the bike were either going to clear that pole and the brick wall or we were going to kill ourselves ... I figured hell, if I say anything now we'll crash for sure so I turned around, closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable ... but it never happened!  When I opened my eyes we were passing cleanly between the pole and the wall ... we cleared that space with no room to spare!!! It's a freaking miracle with didn't end up with broken bones. To this day she still doesn't believe me when I tell her we passed between that pole and the wall, but it's true, I swear it. 

I then invented another game I called "Wonderland."  The premise of this game was that we were to ride our bikes all over town for hours and hours and then we had to trace our way back home by the exact same route ... or, we would be lost forever ... in Wonderland.  
I loved the chaos and disorder at Denise's house and she loved the order and efficiency of my mine.  Denise LOVED to spend the night at my house because she said when she woke up in the morning the birds were singing and the bacon was a-crackling. Nothing like her house ... complete chaos, babies crying, people yelling and kids everywhere.  Whenever I wanted to play with Denise I would stand in front of her house and yell out "DENEEEEEEEEESE!" Once in a while I'd knock on the door but the Rivera's were really weird about certain things ... if you knocked on the door they would answer by barely cracking the door open ... just enough for you to see an eyeball ... "yeah?" me: "can Denise play?" "hold on." BAM! DOOR CLOSED. The Rivera's were weird like that.

Our block had a ton of kids and really was the best neighborhood in the world to grow up in. We all played together and fought together and grew up together. When Denise and I first started noticing boys we both developed a big ol crush on our neighbor Steve. Steve lived on the corner and had big brown eyes with long, straight eyelashes like a cow's. We would come out of Denise's house and when we reached the sidewalk our heads would automatically turn to the left to look toward his house. One summer she and I decided to get a tan by lying on the sidewalk in front of her house. We got our towels, laid them on the sidewalk and layed down. Why we decided to do this in the front yard I have no idea ... but there we were in our little bikinis lying on our towels when along came Steve on his 10 speed. Instead of stopping or breaking when he saw the two of us on the sidewalk he just kept going and ran over the entire left side of my body leaving a big ol black tire mark. "STEEEEEEEEEVE!!! YOU STUPID!!!" All I remember was his cackling laughter as he continued down the block. JERK.

The Castaneda's were another big family that lived on the block right across the street from Denise. In the summer the entire block would congregate in the Castaneda's garage. They had a pool table and all summer long we would hang out, play pool and listen to music.  The Castaneda's had a bird bath and a pair of plastic pink flamingos in their front yard and when I was little, being the huge pain in the ass I was, Ernie (the dad), would constantly yell at me for sitting on those stupid flamingos and trying to ride them.  Terry was the only only girl in the family and was really, really nice to me. I'd come over and hang out in her room and she would set my hair with her electric rollers and then style my hair into a Gypsy flip which I thought was the coolest thing on earth.  I LOVED Terry, but when she got her first boyfriend I annoyed the crap outta her too. Whenever I would see her and her boyfriend sitting on her front porch I would mosey on over to visit and basically annoy the shit outta her. Terry was probably 16 to my 12 and I'm sure whenever she saw me headed towards her house she probably thought, awwwww crap .... here comes little Debbie. Once, when she was sitting on the porch with her boyfriend John, I decided to go over and talk to them.  And, after studying her nylons for quite some time I told her that they didn't didn't match. She said to me ... "Debbie, how can they not match ... THEY'RE PANTYHOSE." (see ... pain in the ass ... that was me).

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Talk and Sharon Osborne ...

Doesn't Sharon remind you of Leona Helmsley?  

OK.  So, apparently Sharon Osborn and the Talk are going away for a little while.  You see, Sharon got into it with Sheryl Underwood over Piers Morgan saying "racist" things about Megan Markle, etc., etc., etc.  The issue at hand was that Sharon did not call out Piers Morgan for racist comments he has made with regard to Megan.  Sheryl explains to Sharon, that by defending Piers Morgan, she is in effect, basically okaying the racism.  Sharon then comes back and demands that Sheryl tell her WHAT Piers Morgan has said that is racist?!  And back and forth it went.

OK.  Here's my take.  Everyone is getting their panties in a twist over Megan and Harry's interview with Oprah.  Piers is a royalist, therefore he is calling Megan a liar about her statements regarding baby Archie and the royal family and their rules and regulations and prejudices.  Piers is stating that Megan is LYING about everything.  Sharon is defending Piers for his opinions and she's getting heat from Sheryl Underwood for being ok with racist comments made by Piers.  So NOW, they have temporarily gone off air.  I have never seen The Talk.  It's just like The View ... a bunch of women cackling over each other and it just makes me want to put a bullet in my head. 

Bottom line, with COVID resurging, the economy, housing prices rising to ridiculous rates here in California, and the fact that I haven't dyed my hair in over a year .... WHO THE FUCK CARES about Megan and Harry!  THEY'RE RICH!  I'm sorry!  It's just kind of hard for me to feel sorry for people who HAVE EVERYTHING!!  DAYUM!

THEN ...

you've got these two!  The same crap is going on on The View.  Apparently, Joy Behar got into Megan McCain's face about Antifa not being a REAL organization.  People ... Antifa exists.  They're just not as cray-cray as the Proud Boys or those other Nazi groups out there who hate brown people and Jews.  

The whole argument started over Ron Johnson's rhetoric and his belief that there was no racism with regard to the Capitol riots.

UGH ... enough!

The point I would like to make is this ... in the 1960's there used to be REALLY interesting talk shows where people discussed politics and other topics like adults and with actual knowledge.  Google "Dick Cavett" on Youtube and check it out.  Thought provoking television.  

Dick Cavett interviewed EVERYONE!  

And no one got out of control, no one screamed and yelled or insulted anyone with a differing opinion.  They spoke, they listened, they debated, all with respect and something we don't see enough of today ... MANNERS.  

If you're curious about what life was like in the 1960's-1970's, I would urge you to check out Dick Cavett.  Not only are the interviews interesting, but they will reflect what life was like back when I was young.  

The behavior we see on TV today -- with Sharon Osborn, and Sheryl Underwood and Joy Behar and Megan McCain, you would NEVER see anything like that on television.  EVER.  And if anyone got snarky, those kinds of comments were made with real panache.  

Example:  I used to watch the Merv Griffin show EVERY NIGHT.  And one night he had on Zsa Zsa Gabor and Shelley Winters.  Shelley was basically doing a book tour for her autobiography (which I read and it was HILARIOUS) anyway, Shelley Winters and Burt Lancaster (who was married)  would meet up once a year (for years) to have sex and Shelley wrote about this in her book.  Zsa Zsa made a comment about Shelley being "loose" and Shelley told Zsa Zsa, "awww come on Zsa Zsa, if you and I were keeping score you'd be WAY ahead" to which the audience erupted in laughter.  Wherein Zsa Zsa responded "well, I've never slept with anybody else's husband!"  

Burt Lancaster
Shelley Winters

                        Zsa Zsa Gabor


Friday, March 12, 2021

J-LO and A-Rod ...

 Another one bites the dust.

Can I just say that I do not find A-Rod attractive AT ALL.  When he was a younger man, yeah.  Nice looking guy.  Mhmmm ... on second thought?  NO.  Not my type.  Anyway,  to me he looks kind of female in the face and he also has man boobs which is NOT ATTRACTIVE.  EVER.

                         SEE!  MAN BOOBS

Rumer has it that they've been having "issues" for a while now.  You see peeps, it is never a good idea to fuckin' broadcast EVERY momentous thing your love does for you.  BAD, BAD IDEA.  It is braggadocios and usually tends to backfire.  

And then one must consider the female in this so-called relationship.  J-lo is about as mature as a 17-year-old girl whose been invited to the prom by the quarterback of the football team.  The only problem with that is that J-lo is FIFTY-ONE.      

J-Lo quotes: 

“I do believe in marriage," she told Harper’s Bazaar in March 2018. “And I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship. But I’m not forcing anything right now.”

Jen -- You're ALWAYS forcing it.  How do you not see that?

Lopez confessed on Today in May 2019 that she “always planned to get married again," adding: “I think that’s the goal, right? To find a partner to kind of walk through this crazy thing with, right?”

UH ... not when you've been through four marriages.  At some point you gotta ask yourself ... "maybe it's me?"

Perhaps now is a good time to seek therapy.  But, then again, maybe in your case it's too late.  Perhaps it would just be better to cut your losses and remain single.  Yeah.  I think that's the smarter way to go.  I mean you're 51 -- you're halfway to growing old already anyway.  Might as well call it a day and finish it off by yourself.  It's not such a bad thing, really.  You can have the entire bed to yourself.  You don't have to deal with a snoring man.  You don't have to worry what he's doing when he's not with you.  That right there is a very good reason.  

I mean let's not forget what started all of this suspicion in the first place.  A certain Southern gal who just happens to be on Southern Charm, and just happens to be "friends" with A-Rod.  I'm just sayin'.

Alex has quite the reputation with the ladies.

It seems to me that Alex wanted to be with J-Lo because she's J-Lo and J-Lo wanted to be with A-Rod because he's A-Rod.  You know ... like the two most popular kids in high school.  He is the football hero and she is the homecoming queen.  But in Hollywood.  It was bound to happen.  

It'll be interesting to see how all this mess pans out.  Who is next on J-Lo's hit list and who is next on A-Rod's.  Let's see .... what gorgeous Latino hasn't "Jenny from the Block" not bagged yet?  Oh well ... time will tell.  

Until then, HAPPY HUNTING!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

MARIO CUOMO and other toxic bosses ...


So, here we have Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York, who has now been accused of sexual improprieties.  YEAH.  WHAT ELSE IS NEW?  Below are just a few comments from those who have had the misfortune of working for him.

“A micromanager to the 100th degree,” one former staffer recalled. “One of the worst I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s not just chaos for his close staff,” another former employee said. “It’s chaos for his whole administration.”

“There was a general sense that when the governor was in the building that you were to walk on eggshells,” another said. “And while you’re walking, make sure those shoes are nice and shiny.”

Two male aides who worked for Cuomo in the New York governor’s office say he routinely berated them with explicit language, making comments such as calling them “pussies” and saying, “You have no balls.”

“The Governor is direct with employees if their work is sub-par because the people of New York deserve nothing short of excellence. ‎”

So, you all know that I have worked in fancy, schmancy law firms my entire life.  I have also worked with, and was around many politicians, because as you probably know, they're all lawyers.  

I'd like to address the Governor's comment about his directness screaming and yelling towards employees whose work is sub-par because the people of New York deserve nothing short of excellence.  Here is what I would like to know ... what is "excellence?"  If you're working diligently, proofing and re-reading your work product and providing quality work on time and error free, is that not excellence?  NO.  It is ONLY Excellence if the Big Boss THINKS it's EXCELLENCE.  You could provide PERFECT output and trust me, there will ALWAYS be ONE ASSHOLE who will find SOMETHING WRONG.  This is a FACT.  As I've said in the past, you must be inside the asshole's head to know exactly what he or she wants and what he or she considers "excellence."  

THEN, if you have provided work product that is sub-par, it is perfectly ok for your superior to tear you a new asshole by humiliating and berating you in front of all of your co-workers.  I've always wondered ... how come they can scream at you but you can't scream at them?  I will tell you why.  Because THEY have POWER and you DO NOT.  They can fire you, but you can't fire them and this is what they lord over you by giving you bad reviews, or having you put on probation ... all sorts of things that will let you know exactly where you stand.  AND, if your superior is a fucking asshole who abuses you by yelling at you, giving you the silent treatment, rolling their eyes at you, basically making you feel like an idiot, you know those seminars you have to attend where it is pounded into your head that "we do not tolerate bullying in this office"?  Yeah.  Well that's bullshit.  Complain to HR about your abusive boss and you might as well start updating your resume because you will not be there for long.  

This is why now, when someone is fired they are escorted out with their  belongings like a common criminal and then their entire existence is completely erased.  They will never be able to enter the building again.  Period.  End of Story.  This protocol is due to people "going postal" -- just the other night I had a dream that I had a tiny little pistol that held two bullets and I shot someone.  Probably an old boss.  

I once worked at a firm who had a major perv who was head of HR.  He made sure that there were no tampons in the ladies restroom and you could only get one from him.  You literally had to go to his office and ask for a freaking tampon because he wanted to know which of his secretaries were on their period.  He was very into dating Latinas from South America via websites that provided "mail order brides" or "sex for sale" ... whatever the hell his freaky predilections were.  He would travel back and forth to Columbia all the time to meet women and he once told me that he'd go anywhere for pussy.  Here is the miracle -- he was actually fired!  This is RARE.  Pervs usually get sued by the women they harass in the office and then what usually happens is they pay her off and they get fired and the perv continues working and harassing to his hearts content.  This situation was a little different because he wasn't harassing women IN the office, he was just talking about his sexual exploits which made everyone want to gag.  

Then I worked for a partner who once worked for the Securities & Exchange Commission.  This guy did a lot of shady things.  For instance, he hired an attorney--not to work in the firm, but to work for HIM.  He sat him in an office and had this guy do a ton of Blue Sky Filings (don't ask), and then he made me work for this guy!  This was a MAJOR risk management issue.  We were told time and time again that NO ONE should be in our offices, in an office, with access to files, correspondence, etc. Mr. Partner had a paralegal in the firm who worked specifically for him and was his "go-to" person who handled all of his Blue Sky filings.  She ended up quitting over this.  No one knew what Mr. Partner was doing.  When I finally went to my office manager to let her know (because I was really freaked about getting fired for not reporting this) -- know what she told me?  Just do what he wants.     


Working for him was bizarro.  I was not allowed to open any of his mail.  EVER.  One day he received a call.  He was not in the office yet so I let the call roll into voicemail.  I did this because here's how it usually goes:

Me:  "Good morning, Mr. Big's office."

Caller:  "May I speak to Mr. Big?"

Me:  "I'm sorry, but Mr. Big is not in his office at the moment.  May I take a message, or would you like his voice mail?"

Caller:  "I'll take his voice mail, thank you."


He arrived at the office literally seconds after the caller left him a voice mail.  When he checked his voicemail and heard the message he yelled at me because he had been WAITING for that call!"  HOW am I supposed to know he's in the freaking elevator moments away?!  I don't have ESP.  Stupid shit like that would happen all the time.  It makes no sense, and yet I'm the idiot because I didn't jump into the consciousness of his mind to see he was IN THE ELEVATOR so I should make the caller wait.    

He also had a bad habit of not letting me know if he was coming into the office.  When he wasn't in the office by 1:00 pm I would email him and ask "hey, will you be in today?"  Answer:  "No.  I'm in China."  Mhmm.  Good to know.  

Whenever there is a politician that everyone loves I always wonder what it is like to work for them.  Are they a yeller?  Do they get off on humiliating their secretary?  Are they mean?  

As for Mario Cuomo, he should just resign.  There will only be more females coming forward.  Cut your losses and call it a day.  You're a dick and this is what you deserve Asshole.

Sunday, February 28, 2021


So, there actually was no traditional red carpet this year so I just Googled 2021 Golden Globes Red Carpet and copied and posted the pics.  

Don't you think Covid has made movie stars less relevant?  I feel so blase about them now and I really like it.  YOU GUYS AREN'T THAT IMPORTANT ANYMORE OK.  You're just regular people like us.  We can see your movies on Netflix and don't have to pay $20 plus to go to the movie theatre. No more premieres.  No more red carpets.  Humbling ain't it?

So ... let's get to it.

Sarah Paulson channeling The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ... and purple cast.  
Grade  C- 

Sarah Hyland posing very oddly in her red frock.  

Grade:  B

Salma Hayek also in red in a typical form fitting - bust enhancing gown with diamond pin.  Grade:  B

Rosamund Pike wearing a red pouf with combat boots.  There are fashion risks and fashion phuck-ups.  This is a fashion phuck-up.  Grade  F-

This gal decided to copy Rosamund Pike in a yellow pouf with a little black cardigan.  It didn't work in red and it doesn't work in yellow.  Grade  F-

Maya Rudolph.  I know this year is virtual but the least you could have done was change out of your muumuu and put on a sparkly gown for 20 minutes.  Grade:  F-

Maria Bakalova in a lovely red ball gown.  Grade: B+

Maria was in Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat 2.  Did anyone see this film?  DISGUSTING.  Especially the scene where Ms. Bakalova enters a beauty pageant and proceeds to do acrobatics while on her period with blood everywhere.  SO.  GROSS.  

The beautiful Margot Robbie.  Mmmm ... doesn't wow me.  Grade:  C-

Tres chic.  Who are you?

Laverne Cox always nails it!  Grade:  A

Laura Dern rarely nails it.  Hate the jacket, hate the choker, hate the shoes.  HATE IT ALL.  Grade  F-

Kyra Sedgwick looking pretty in peach.  Wish I could see all of it.  Hair and makeup are good.  It looks like Ms. Kyra may have had a little work.  

Grade:  B-

Kristin Wiig.  This is a cute frock but it is too young for her.  Sorry folks, but that's how I see it.  P.S.  In future, make sure to really blend your self tanner.  Grade:  C-


I hate Kate Hudson.  Spoiled Princess of Hollywood.  HOWEVER, this is a very pretty gown, her earrings are perfect as is her hair and makeup.  Grade:  A.

Kaley Cuoco.  I'm not feeling this gown.  The hair is hanging like spaghetti, BUT has anyone once seen her in "Flight Attendant"?  OMG It is SO GOOD!  I only saw the pilot because I have no idea how to find HBO MAX???  

Grade:  D-


Julia Garner looking very 1920's!  Beautiful lips and I love the dress ... which I could see more.  Grade:  A

I KNOW!  Let's tie different colored pieces of fabric together!  NO.  
Grade:  F-

January Jones.  Nice tits.  That's about it.  Hair - bad, makeup - bad, dress - bad.  Grade: D-

Jamie Lee Curtis.  This is a difficult color to pull off.  Jamie does it well.  But she needs some jewelry.  Grade:  C

I don't know who this is but I actually like this pantsuit.  Tres chic.  Not Golden Globes appropriate, but we ARE virtual.  Hair - bad, makeup - bad.  She would have received a better grade if she'd shuzzed it up.  Grade:  C

Gal Gadot.  I do not like this dress.  Not feeling the sleeves or the necklace.  All in all, it looks like a tent.  Grade:  D 

Uh ... All that's missing is the pointed hat with a dingle ball on the top.  That would have finished off this CLOWN gown.  Grade:  F

Elle Fanning.  Ethereal, luminous, BEAUTIFUL.  Grade: A+  WINNER WINNER WINNER!

Eiza Gonzales.  This is one beautiful Latina!  Not sure if the black hose is working.  But I'll give her an A- (because she's Mexican!)  P.S. If you all haven't seen "I Care A Lot" --- SEE IT!  IT IS PHENOMENAL!

Daniel Levy.  LOVE HIM!!!  He is so cute and so funny!  Grade:  A

Cynthia Erivo.  MEET GEORGE JETSON .... JANE HIS WIFE .... 

Grade:  F-

Angela Bassett - LOVE HER!  Looks fab!  Love the long braid, makeup is beautiful, dress - perfection!  Grade:  A

Andra Day - WOW!  Beautiful face!  Love the hair, love the jewels, love the gown!  Grade:  A

Amy Pohler - GET. A. STYLIST.  

Amanda Seyfrid.  GORGEOUS!  Love the gown, love the color, LOVE THE HAIR.  She is perfection!  Grade:  A+  WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!

Gillian Anderson.  I love this.  The color of the gown goes really beautifully with her skin tone and her hair color.  Grade: A

Nicole Kidman.  Beautiful!  Hair and make up beautiful.  Wish I could have found a close up.  Grade:  A

Regina King.  Hair and makeup are beautiful.  Gown is interesting.  Grade:  B

Anya Taylor Joy.  Hair and make-up is beautiful.  I HATE HATE HATE this shade of green however, it is quite elegant and effective.  Grade:  A

Viola Davis wearing a Peter Max poster.  Those of you born 20 years after the 1960's will not get this reference.  Grade:  B

Renee Zelwegger.  I LOVE RENE.  Always goes with a very simple yet elegant gown.  Grade:  B

Isla Fisher.  Uh ... nice gown but Pepto Bismol pink rarely works.  This would have looked so much better in a champagne or even black.  Grade:  D

Bryce Dallas Howard.  Perfect example of sequins gone bad.  Grade:  F-

LA DIVINA - Catherine Zeta Jones.  CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!  Get some layers or something.  Lighten it up!  You look like Morticia.  Grade:  F-

And for some reason I could not post any pictures of Tiffany Haddish.  I've been trying and trying to no avail. SO, Tiffany Haddish, looks absolutely beautiful with her new blonde buzz cut and gown.  I give her an A. 

Well peeps.  That's it for this year.  Hopefully next year we will be back to normal.  No more masks!  You can actually go out to a bar and have a drink with other people.  BUT, I still want to continue working from home

See you in a few months!  Oscar Time!

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