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October 20th .... Happy Birthday Viggo

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So it appears that Harvey Weinstein’s a perv.  Surprise surprise.  

Most men in power are pervs.  It comes with the territory.  They think they’re Napoleon ... like Donald Trump ... free to grab a pussy if the impulse so inclines them.

Remember Elliot Spitzer? He of moral turpitude who was patronizing thousand dollar call girls at the same time he was cracking down on prostitution?  

Or, more recently, U.S. Representative Tim Murphy who just copped to asking his mistress to get an abortion … this from a man who is adamantly pro-life.  However, he is now taking the high ground and not seeking reelection. 
Dear Mr. Murphy,
You suffer from delusional thinking.  You're not seeking re-election because you know you'll lose .... because YOU’RE A PERV.

Not to mention all the other pervs who hate homosexuals but seek out homosexuals in park bathrooms. 
(I'd post pictures but there are too many).

And you know what happens to these idiots?  Nothing.  Except for Anthony Weiner (which I …

THE BLOCK ... a little jaunt down memory lane

As most little girls, I had a very best friend. Denise Rivera and her family moved to Manzanar Avenue when I was 9 years old. The Rivera family had what seemed to me like a hundred and fifty kids, but in actuality it was ten (like that's not a lot). This was back in the 1960's when having 3 kids was considered pathetically small. Anyway, the day they moved in was big news because NO ONE NEW had ever moved to our block. This was very exciting to me. New people! New kids! (The picture above is of the Duggars. Just pretend they're Mexican and call them the Riveras).

Being a nosy little kid I rode my bike to the corner and watched them move in and I'm sure I pestered the shit outta everybody as I asked a billion questions and ... there she was, sitting on the porch with her head in her hands looking very sad and forlorn. She was a pretty little girl with big brown eyes and light brown hair. I walked right up to her and said "what's your name?" ... she barely l…


I saw Viggo last night.Yeah.He dropped by in the ether.I wasn’t expecting him.But that’s usually how it is isn't it?  He looked rather nice.He had on a suit and seemed happy.He told me he had four movies coming out.  I told him I knew.As we talked, he was signing some pictures of himself to give to me.I found this rather touching.He’d never really given me anything before.
As he was autographing the photos I told him “you know I got engaged” …
His reaction?  Minute.  Inconsequential, but not without my noticing the slightest of pauses .... and then back to signing the pictures and talking.We bantered back and forth, not really saying anything at all.It seemed we were both in a good place, though I did notice the tiniest trace of sadness in his eyes.  I remained happy and upbeat as we spent a little more time together.  And then it was over.  And I woke up.


Kill Me ...

So a while back I read an article written by a woman (Andrea Miller) who believes that women should always acquiesce to their husbands and be HAPPY to be subordinate to them because, after all ….

It Is Your Job To Make Your Man Happy (Comments in red are mine.)
For those of you who don't know me, this will not be pretty.

By Andrea Miller (photo below) Why do so many of us buy into the myth that marriage is supposed to make us happy?           I’m glad to see how marriage has evolved.  It used to be much more transactional — happening principally to foster economic benefits or social standings or to produce children — but nowadays people typically choose to commit themselves legally to each other for far more noble goals. More and more people marry with the intention of experiencing lasting love and companionship.            Unfortunately, too many women I know get married and somehow, perhaps unconsciously, expect their husbands to make them happy. When things get hard — and they always…