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Teena Marie dead at 54. Unbelieveable. What amazing songs she left behind:
Square Biz, Cassanova Brown, Dear Lover, I've Been Here Before, If I Were A Bell (swoon), Ooh la la la. ... she's gone. MUCH TOO SOON. Thank you Teena for all your beautiful words. Rest in peace.


It's been raining heavily all day and freezing outside and all I wanna do is take off all my clothes and stand outside in the rain ... naked ... that is how HOT I am. OMG. This midlife b.s. is the worst. I cried on and off all afternoon. Why? No reason, and a million reasons. I was thinking about my mommie who passed away in December, 2005. Christmas has never been the same ... and I can't tell you any more because I'll start crying again ... then, I happened to catch a movie on t.v. ... Someone Like You with Ashley Judd and the most gorgeous man who ever lived, Hugh Jackman ... (except for Viggo of course ... despite the fact that he abandoned me for another woman who is now his new girlfriend and left me with a big ol broken heart). Sobbed through the entire movie. I've also been dealing with a nasty boil on the back of my thigh that hurts like hell. I never knew something could be so painful. I've been expending mountains of energy dealing with the pain and have…

Meet my friend, Ruben ...

I want you all to meet him ... this is his website:

He is a university professor, a Christian, and an amazing guy that I am happy and proud to call my friend. He and his beautiful wife Anita, were in California a few months ago and we visited and talked for 12 solid hours. He is a Christian that can discuss scripture/theology/religious dogma and politics like a human being. He never, ever condescends or patronizes. And he listens. Talking to Ruben is a satisfying exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings and you never feel disrespected or patronized ... and that is saying a lot when you consider what discussing politics or religion does to most people LOL!

I am a person of extremes. I can be irreverent and sarcastic and at the same time I am very spiritual. A sometimes practicing, sometimes non-practicing Catholic, but mostly someone who has always read and searched and thought about the deeper issues in life (though you'd never k…


CANCELLED! After only two episodes!

Let's hope it starts a trend ... NEXT, JERSEY SHORE!


Rest with the angels dear Elizabeth.


In light of everything that is happening in the country, the end of unemployment benefits for so many at Christmas time, joblessness, tax increases, bailouts, war, war and more war ... I decided to share some of my thoughts and ideas. Tell me what you think ...

Since the Year One, the "have nots" have always wondered what it would be like to be "a have". I am a "have not". Well, not really, but compared to Snooki, I am. So ... I was watching Joy Behar the other night and lo and behold, there is yet another celebrity reality series about to debut ... David Hasselhoff (of drunken "eating a hamburger off the floor" fame) and his two, hot chick daughters are coming to a channel near you. I found myself completely dumbfounded. WHY? I don't know why. All I can tell you is that I was aghast at the thought that this moronic has been has been given a reality show. And though I religiously watch The Housewives and Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab ... Dav…


And please everyone, make it a point to watch the CNN HEROES PROGRAM tomorrow night. It will inspire you and fill you with awe at the amazing things one human being can do for his fellow man.

Blessings everyone!

Another Hollywood Divorce

Eva, Eva, Eva ... I'm so sorry my love, but what did you expect?
You married a puppy. You should have listened to me ...

I saw the Queen on Fox TV ...

She sure is pretty ... in a "mommy" sort of way. Not in a Governor or President way. Pleeeeeze God, No. Sarah Palin has five kids, one with Downs Syndrome. How in the world does she think she's going to run the world with all those kids? And you know she's gonna run in 2012, right after her reality series comes to an end. You know, the one all about Alaaaaaska. But, if George W was able to do it for eight years, I guess anyone can. Even me.
All I can tell you is that I lost my job under George W. I was out of work for two years and survived only because Obama kept extending unemployment benefits. If it weren't for that I'd probably be living in someone's garage right now. Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT ... anywhoo, the republicans now have the house and now everything will be ALL BETTER (and I'm sure it'll happen within ... ooooh, 2 month tops cause you know those republicans ... they know how to get things done.
*Sigh* ... it's all so depressing.

Atlanta Housewives - IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER ...

Well, MISS PHAEDRA treated all of us to her session of very personal and special pregnancy photographs.

Composition of photo? Apollo feeding Phaedra a ginormous pickle (oh my ... there are sooooo many things I can say right now ... especially if your old man has been in "the joint").

Miss Phaedra believes that ...."pregnancy photographs are sooooo artistic ....(especially when SHE'S in them).

OKAY, It's only been two episodes and I totally cannot stand her.

And Sheree, your doctor is NOT a doctor. Trust me my love. HOW DO I KNOW? I KNOW. He's a charlatan. A phony, a fake. First of all, he invites Sheree over to "his friend's apartment" (?????) (right there I'd be all WTF?!) His explanation? He's bi-coastal. Uh-huh. My translation: "the dude's got no pad of his own".

So, the original plan was to invite her over and he would cook her dinner. But when she gets there, he ends up getting Miss Sheree to slice up some strawberries a…


Well, it's been a big week for divorce. Everyone seems to be doing it.

Vicki Gunvalson (aka Miss Piggy) - how anyone could stay married to this broad for even half a minute is beyond me. Donn - you deserve a medal my friend. I think you should consider hooking up with Jeanna Keough. She deserves a NICE man and she's not such a ball buster. AND, she is an ex-Playmate. Not bad. Sounds like a match made in heaven. But she does have those two HORRIBLE boys. (p.s. to Jeanna - you need to dot both their eyes out). As for you Vicki, I hope all your millions keep you warm at night ... (p.s. P-R-O-Z-A-C. Just a thought).

Camille Grammer - Kelsey's soon-to-be ex-wife and cast member on Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the Beverly Hills Housewives bio it says she's an ex-dancer ... (does this include a pole?) I saw her on the Housewives and all I can say is ... she really knows how to writhe. And I would suggest that instead of botoxing the hell outta your face you should have your…

UGH! I've had just about enough of these two ...

Demi and Ashton - Class Couple

1. How old is this woman? I'll tell you how old she is ... she's PUSHING 50. FIFTY and she fucking tweets pictures of her and her boy-toy husband in bed so we'll know that:
(a) they're not separating;
(b) having trouble in paradise; or
(c) that stud muffin Ashton isn't boinking younger broads.

Demi, seriously girlfriend. What do you think ... all us old broads out here wished we looked like you and had a 32 year old puppy for a husband. You think we look at your tweets and think "AWWWWW ... HOW CUTE THEY ARE! We wanna be just like them. Well, let me tell you ... we DON'T. You're an idiot. I mean, I'm sure the sex is hot and super fantastic but girlfriend, you're 47, he's 32. THIRTY-TWO. When you're 50 he'll be 35. IN HIS MANLY PRIME. HE'S A BOY TOY. A BOY YOU TOY WITH ... NOT MARRY. And I don't care how much botox and plastic surgery you get, your lady thing is gonna dry up and you're going to…


I don't know what it is, but it all started a few years ago with my Viggo. And let me say right here that Viggo will always be my No. 1 Fantasy Boyfriend, BUT lately ... I've been getting these unbelievable big ol crushes on guys from the 1970's and I completely JONES over them. Right now my big ol crush is on Gino Vannelli. My husband bought me an IPOD and I always loved Gino Vannelli's music so I downloaded a ton of it and now I cannot stop listening to him and thinking about him and wanting to be his girlfriend. Seriously.

It's obsession verging on madness. But look at him! He's the typical sex god from the 70's. Big hair, tight pants, hairy chest. And his songs ... his lyrics are very sexy and deep ... he literally make me swoon.
A while back I was in love with Robert Lamm of Chicago. I searched the Internet like a madwoman trying to find pictures, video, any information on him I could possibly find ... totally obsessed. It's like I am suffering fro…

More discussion on middle age ... (not for the squeamish)

I was emailing my sister from work today while in between doing "very important work" and I just had to mention to her that I had the amazing ability to let one rip for a good two minutes. Yes. You heard me correctly. TWO. SOLID. MINUTES. I could probably propel myself to impressive distances if I could just figure out a way to fashion a suit with wings and make it work to my advantage. This is just one more frustrating symptom of becoming an old bag. The bloating, the distended belly, and the need to let it go ... or die. Sometimes I want to tell people ..."you know, I'm not really this fat. I just need to be pierced". I once saw a documentary about these sheep and if they ate too much alfalfa they would actually bloat to the point where the sheepherder had to stick this gigantic needle into their bellies to let the gas out or they'd die. Swear. You could actually hear the gas seeping Ssssssss from their bellies. IF ONLY they could do that for people.

Then …


Once again it is that time of year for all us slugs to watch the beautiful people being beautiful. The one and only Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate plus 8 plus 56 other kids and a set of twins", was in attendance at the Emmys in basic black with an up do. I hate this broad. Grade: F-
now GO AWAY.

Beautiful Jewel. I give her an A+ ... cause she's pretty and I like her.

Actress Toni Colette. Fantastic actress with unbelieveably bad taste. Sometimes these choices can really boggle one's mind. Picture this ... she walks into the dressing room, tries it on and falls in love. That is the ugliest rag I've ever seen ... I wouldn't be buried in it. Grade: F- to the negative 1. OFF THE CHARTS UGLY.

I had this exact same dress in the 1990's, except it was shorter and had a little bolero jacket. Not impressed. Grade: D-

January Jones of Mad Men. Awwww, NO. Hair: bad, Shoes: bad, Dress: bad. Overall Grade: BAD.

Christina Hendrick's from Mad Men. Everyone is always ra…


HALLALUJAH!!!!! and so long you hypocritical, miserable B***h!

Now, all we gotta do is get Rush "Fatboy" Limbaugh off the air!!!!

Electrolysis anyone?

Geeze louise, get some electrolysis on that forehead for God's sake! You can't tell where your eyebrows finish and your hairline starts! Yikes! You look like you're half Italian and half neanderthal. I'm just sayin'


Yesterday was the first Saturday in quite a while that we haven't HAD anything to do but enjoy so we had a date and went to the movies then had dinner and drinks. Danny picked the movie. I wasn't sure about it because it's a serious documentary about the war in Afghanistan and I didn't want to be bummed out, but I saw it and was riveted to the screen. We went to see "Restrepo", a documentary about the battle in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, the most dangerous place on Earth. All I can say is that if you want to learn something, go and see it. When I think about all the reality shows on T.V. and all the narcissistic idiots out there making tons and tons of money, and then you see these soldiers, these young guys with their entire lives ahead of them, some who won't come home, you realize that these are the the guys that should be handed a million dollars, given a beautiful home and free health care for the rest of their lives because they literally, …