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Blogging Blues ...

I was just over on Bunny's site (I'm Just Sayin') and she was given an award for being Sunshiny. Then I went over to Marie's Blog (Dancing in Tattered Shoes), and then I went to Anita's blog (Castles, Crowns and Cottages) ... these three ladies are all friends from high school and their blogs are very ladylike. And I mean that in a very good way. Being that I'm probably seconds way from getting a visit from my comadre, I'm feeling very blue. Check out the above mentioned blogs ... I know you will love them. Bunny is very funny, Marie is very funny as well and a great storyteller and Anita's blog is like stepping into an enchanted and magical French world. I say this only because those of you who read my blog know I use the F word a lot and I am irreverent and sarcastic and ... well, NOT ladylike. And because I'm hormonal and am feeling particularly emotional, I feel sad. I know I have a blog and I put all my feelings out into cyberspace for all the …

A rerun ... THE BLOCK

As most little girls, I had a very best friend. Denise Rivera and her family moved to Manzanar Avenue when I was 9 years old. The Rivera family had what seemed to me like a hundred and fifty kids but in actuality it was ten (like that's not a lot). This was back in the 1960's when having 3 kids was considered pathetically small. Anyway, the day they moved in was big news because NO ONE NEW had ever moved to our block before. This was very exciting to me. New people! New kids! (This is a picture of the Duggars. Just pretend they're Mexican and call them the Riveras).

Being a nosy little kid I rode my bike to the corner and watched them move in and I'm sure I pestered the shit outta everybody as I asked a billion questions and ... then I saw her ... sitting on the porch with her head in her hands looking very sad and forlorn. She was a pretty little girl with big brown eyes and light brown hair. I walked right up to her and said "what's your name?" ... she b…

Viggo ... *sigh*

A Few Hot Topics

Okay, I feel I really need to address this poor, crazy girl, Heidi Montag. There are before/after pictures, before/after/after, and before/after/after/after pictures. She was a really cute girl before she had anything done. She was beautiful after her first visit to the plastic surgeon and now she looks like WAX. Weird. Beautiful but weird/bizarre beautiful.

This is the original Heidi. Adorable. Beautiful smile. NOTHING WRONG WITH HER.

This is Heidi after her first visit to the surgeon's office. She had her nose done and breast implants. I think she looks BEAUTIFUL. This was perfect. NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING MORE.

This is Heidi now ...

She looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. She doesn't look real. She looks like a wax dummy at Madame Tussaud's. And she's only 23! This is troubling on so many levels. First of all, I think the stupid ass doctor who agreed to do 10 procedures at one time should have his license removed. I saw an interview she did where she states she almost died afte…

The Golden Globes

Taylor Lautner. I think this is the weirdest looking kid I've ever seen. He really does look like a werewolf.

Penelope Cruz. Beautiful. Loved the dress, loved the hair, everything. Beautiful.

Uh, Monique ... (look hard people) she forgot to shave her legs!!!!

Mariah Carey and her golden globes ... why doesn't she just go topless? And her husband/assistant, Nick Cannon.

Vera Farmiga. This is Danny's fantasy girlfriend. I had to post her picture. She's ugly huh.

Kate Hudson. Not everyone can wear white, however, this looks fabulous on her. But it looks like she borrowed her shoes from Minnie Mouse.

Can I just say that ... the knockers on this chick ... humongo. Dress - ugly color - ugly hair - ugly. Overall Rating - UGLY.

Jennifer Aniston. ALWAYS does it right and knows that less, definitly is more.

I don't like Julia Roberts. She thinks she's the Queen of Hollywood. To me she looks like a horse. Don't like the dress, don't like the necklace, don't like the h…

Something NICE ... for a change ...

I know that most of the time I blog about my husband I make him sound like a male chauvinist pig, but truthfully, he is the best person I know. So I thought that I would remedy this and do a post about him and all his wonderful qualities, of which he has many, and why, despite the fact that I call myself a wife/slave, I really am truly lucky to be married to him.

He's a NICE GUY. He is a truly authentic human being who can be himself with kings and common men alike.

He's funny. Believe me, this is KEY in a man. LADIES ... if a man can't make you laugh, dump him. If you're planning on marrying someone you gotta make sure he can make you laugh ... cause you're gonna spend a lot of time with him.

He's kind. I don't think you'd find a better friend than my husband. He'd give you the shirt off his back. When we got a new T.V. he gave our old one (which really wasn't old at all) to a friend of his who had a little 13 inch at home. His kids LOVED it.


Feminism is not a NO NO

I saw Marlo Thomas on The View the other day and she's been married to Phil Donahue for 30 years. Amazing. Marlo was, and continues to be a feminist and she said something on The View about marriage that I agree with. Marriage is a better proposition for the man than the woman. If you'd told me I'd agree with this opinion 30 years ago when all I wanted to do was get MARRRRRRRIED, I would have choked. But it's true. I have had the unique opportunity to have been a single, independent woman for most of my adult life. Then I got married ... when I was nearly 40. Both lifestyles have their pros and cons. Being single, no one tells you wtf to do and you don't have to serve or pick up after anyone. I LOOOOOOOOOOVED that. But, there is some loneliness and you do pay a price for being independent. Despite what most men say about wanting an independent woman, what most of them want is a woman who will treat them just like their mother but look like Pamela Anderson. When I w…


Debbie ... Debbie, why ... oh why do you torment me?

A quickie on the Housewives

OKAY. Last night we saw Tamra at lunch with her mother confessing that she and Simon are headed toward divorce and she doesn't know what to do. Truthfully, I kinda felt for her because she's still got three little kids at home ... and who wants to be a 42 year old divorcee with three younguns. OUCH. Simon, at least by what we see on t.v., is controlling and possessive but that is what these ladies signed up for. Someone to "take care of them" so they could stay at home, have babies and be swathed in diamonds, designer clothes and nice homes. Having had the unique ability to have been a single independent woman most of my adult life, and then being unemployed for the last two years has given me a unique perspective on this subject. When I was working full time I, too, had fantasies of marrying UP so I wouldn't have to trudge to work every day, take b.s. from superiors and be a responsible person. As you all know, the last two years I have been unemployed, kinda li…

Why is Kate Gosselin's Hair news?

I find it amazing how people get so much more attractive once they become t.v. stars. It's like they get shined and buffed and they literally glow with the sheen of fresh scrubbed beauty. Here we have Kate Gosselin with her new hair extensions (which are a couple thousand dollars a pop and she's constantly crying about not having any money) ... I just HAD to post some before and after pictures, if only to prove that regular people can look like movies stars too, if you F up your life enough ... someone is bound to come along and make you offers you can't refuse.

NOW, with the hair extensions she kinda looks like Sharon Stone huh. Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we ... it's almost hard to believe that this is the same person isn't it. I MEAN look at her! Dark mousy brown hair, you know she's had some work but can't put your finger on it ... a chin implant perhaps? Veneers on the teeth? And it's common knowledge that she had a free tummy tuck …