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Snooki is pregnant. People this stupid should not be allowed to procreate.

Awwww ... Davey Jones passed away today. Only 66 years old. I LOVED THE MONKEES! When my cousins and I were little kids we lived on the same block and every Monday night we would put on our pajamas and gather at Tia Martha's house because she had a color TV and we would watch the Monkee's in color. Color TV was a big deal back in the 1960's (all you ridiculous little brats who have Tivo and computer games and cable with 479 channels).

Going to Tia Martha's to watch the Monkee's was a real special treat. All us cousins would get all excited to not only watch the program but to just be together, all of us laughing and truly enjoying that half hour of TV. IT WAS THE BEST! So Davey Jones, THANK YOU. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and all the great music.

RIP Davey.


OK. Right off the bat, I wasn't really thrilled with anybody. No one wowed me. And I gotta say that since my boyfriend was robbed of a nomination for his brilliant work in A Dangerous Method, my heart wasn't in this year's award show. With that said, let's get started!

OK. Everybody knows that Mama hates Jennifer. But, you gotta hand it to her ... she knows how to look like a movie star so I gotta give her a good grade: A

And can I just say, I'm glad she left her boy toy home. Casper (the one who looks like a horny 14 year old) ... he was going to be her date but his mother wouldn't let him stay out late on a school night. :)

Shailene Woodley. This dress is almost an exact copy of the confirmation dress my mother made for me in 1971. Honey, you are much too young to wear something like this. All you need is a wimple, a veil and a rosary and you'd look just like a nun. This is not the look to cultivate in Hollywood. You're too young to cover …


Whenever I'm feeling low ...

I go to my "happy place" ...

and in a little while ...the ether will dissipate ....

and there
not far ....
beyond the mists of fate ....

I'll find ...

yet again

the JOY my happy heart awaits JOY.



Don't forget! Mark your calendars! This weekend is Academy Award night (Sunday, February 26) and I will be posting my "Best and Worst" of the 2012 Academy Awards! I will be on hand to see the entire Red Carpet arrivals and get right to work with my hilarious/sarcastic and sometimes even complimentary comments about the stars. So ... be there, or be square!


Tania Maria - I Should Not Call You (Live)


I heard it yesterday on the way home from dinner and I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I am really, truly shocked about Whitney Houston's death. I felt soooooo sad for her family. I remember how really beautiful she was. I loved all those videos from the 1980's and 1990's. I LOVED her music, her amazing voice. I bought her first album and wore it out. LIKE WORE IT OUT!