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So, last night Dan and I went to one of our favorite eateries .... "Off the Hook Tacos" and believe me, the food there is definitely OFF THE HOOK!  BUT, while we were enjoying our appetizers and waiting for our main course there was a lady behind me talking and face timing her kid who was probably 5 years old hence the high pitched baby talk voice LOUD enough to disturb the entire freaking restaurant.  

And I wasn't just being my usual typical impatient bitchness.  I know EVERYTHING bugs the shit outta me ... if someone is breathing too loud I get pissed off.  But this broad was disturbing Danny and NOTHING disturbs Danny.  So I KNEW that I wasn't just being an impatient bitch.  This is what we had to endure for THIRTY-FIVE FUCKING MINUTES ...

HI mama!  
What are you doing?!
Happy Birthday!
You know what?  I'm going to go to your school tomorrow and bringing cupcakes!
Yes cupcakes!
Cupcakes yes!
Yes Cupcakes!
Unicorn Cupcakes!
And tonight you and I will make unicorn cu…