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Do they look out of place or what?!  You know that saying … you can put lipstick on a pig?  Yeah.    Well, at least there’s one good thing about it.  Kim can now die.  She has reached the pinnacle of narcissistic success.  Her, her big bad rapper finance, and her baby all on the cover of Vogue.  She’s worked so hard for this.  WHAT an accomplishment!  (I wonder what they paid Anna Wintour to put them on the cover?)  No.  Seriously.  I wonder what they paid her.  Because Anna Wintour doesn't like anybody.  She even made Oprah lose weight before putting her on the cover of Vogue.  And I see Kimmie has already trained little North to pout provocatively.  Nice.


I wish I could write more but I just can't. 


It’s been a very, very long time, but Viggo came to see me in the ether last night.  I was stunned.  It’s been SO long.  I was with friends in a big cabin in the woods and it was very dark out.  There were quite a few of us hanging out when lo and behold, who walks in the door?  He showed up bearing gifts ... books and balls of twine, and I thought back to the first time I saw him in the library so long ago when I would try to steal glances at him without getting caught.  Now, here he was so many years later, more familiar than ever and yet strange all at the same time.

He was, as usual, in the midst of making a movie, one he was certain would win him the Academy Award.  He told me the name of it and gave me a free pass to where it was screening.  I was disappointed he didn’t give me a DVD.  The theatre that was screening it was far, far away.  He said he tried but couldn’t manage it.  I found myself falling into the same old pattern ... desperately trying to appear nonchalant and at t…


Okay, first of all I'm a little peeved.  Every year I watch E! Live on the Red Carpet specifically because it's LIVE ON THE RED CARPET!  I don't know what the hell happened this year, but one hour prior to the broadcast there were no more LIVE interviews or footage of the stars arriving, no 360 degree camera, nothing!  The show was now consisted of Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, Kristin Cavalleri and some other lady sitting at a table commenting on PICTURES of the stars arriving ????  WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  I kept thinking I missed something but NO.  So I jump over to Channel 4 and sure enough, there they are INTERVIEWING THE STARS AS THEY ARRIVE!  I WAS SO CONFUSED.  You don't know how I live for award season E! and especially The Academy Awards preshow, so E!, you will be hearing from my lawyers … you messed up BIG TIME.
OK ... let's get started!

The white gown was beautiful!  Why she changed into that black number to do her reporting duties on E! I have no idea!  S…