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UGH! I've had just about enough of these two ...

Demi and Ashton - Class Couple

1. How old is this woman? I'll tell you how old she is ... she's PUSHING 50. FIFTY and she fucking tweets pictures of her and her boy-toy husband in bed so we'll know that:

(a) they're not separating;

(b) having trouble in paradise; or

(c) that stud muffin Ashton isn't boinking younger broads.

Demi, seriously girlfriend. What do you think ... all us old broads out here wished we looked like you and had a 32 year old puppy for a husband. You think we look at your tweets and think "AWWWWW ... HOW CUTE THEY ARE! We wanna be just like them. Well, let me tell you ... we DON'T. You're an idiot. I mean, I'm sure the sex is hot and super fantastic but girlfriend, you're 47, he's 32. THIRTY-TWO. When you're 50 he'll be 35. IN HIS MANLY PRIME. HE'S A BOY TOY. A BOY YOU TOY WITH ... NOT MARRY. And I don't care how much botox and plastic surgery you get, your lady thing is gonna dry up and you're going to head down that miserable road all old broads must face ... MENOPAUSE. There ain't no stopping it. And another thing, tweeting everytime the two of you fart is not necessary to know in life. So please ... go away and make a movie or something.


  1. She looks like she's sporting a new set of dentures.
    Cinty loo

  2. I just don't understand these older women who like younger men. True, they never grow up, so a 25 year old is the same as a 55 year old, but don't you think they get tired of looking at wrinkles and that they will eventually want a young, perky-breasted, wrinkle-free, wash and wear type of girl...I mean, come on, we all know as we get older we sag....we creak....we toot....we dry up....there ain't enough KY on the planet to change that! And that's all I have to say about that!

  3. I had a boyfriend 12 years younger - makes you feel great for awhile even though he is likely to leave you for a younger woman and mine did. So even though Demi is beautiful she must worry sometimes that Ashton will leave someday.

  4. Well I really know almost nothing about these two, but I can say this. That picture of them did NOT conjure in my mind "John and Yoko in bed for peace." Piece, maybe, but not peace.

    And peace to you my friend.

  5. You are right as pretty as she is she can't look as great as the girls 15 - 20 years younger than she is and he will stray!!

  6. I know, isn't this such a dumb way to live at her age????TEEEHEEE, I mean it! HOW ARE YA DARLIN'???? Thank you for visiting me today. Oh Debbie, life is so busy, I am bushed. I am teaching 50 kids this year and it is taking it out of me! So good to see you....enjoying your work, are you? I hope all is well.

    Thanks you much for coming over. BISOUS! Anita


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