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In light of everything that is happening in the country, the end of unemployment benefits for so many at Christmas time, joblessness, tax increases, bailouts, war, war and more war ... I decided to share some of my thoughts and ideas. Tell me what you think ...

Since the Year One, the "have nots" have always wondered what it would be like to be "a have". I am a "have not". Well, not really, but compared to Snooki, I am. So ... I was watching Joy Behar the other night and lo and behold, there is yet another celebrity reality series about to debut ... David Hasselhoff (of drunken "eating a hamburger off the floor" fame) and his two, hot chick daughters are coming to a channel near you. I found myself completely dumbfounded. WHY? I don't know why. All I can tell you is that I was aghast at the thought that this moronic has been has been given a reality show. And though I religiously watch The Housewives and Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab ... David Hasselhoff is somehow ... not the same.
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times ... LET ME PITCH A REALITY SHOW!!!!! I suggested The Housewives of East L.A. ...instead of watching a bunch of botoxed blondes hiss at each other you could watch a gaggle of E.L.A. LOCAS go at it. BUT NOOOOO. No one took me seriously. So how about this idea:
Take someone like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump ... basically any super rich, spoiled, immature, greedy creatin/right wing politico and take away all their $$$$$, their perks, their botox and personal makeup artists/stylists, Brazilian blowouts, $5,000 suits, Chanel bags, limo drivers - (you get the picture) and give them a working person's salary, say $35,000 a year. Make them pay rent, or a mortgage. Give them two kids and a spouse, or let them be single with a kid or no kid at all. They can have a savings but not millions and millions. Maybe $2,000 - and that's being generous. Then give them all the issues/problems/stresses of an average working person. Health insurance, car problems, rent going up, mortgage problems, kids getting sick, etc., the regular crap that happens to people on a daily basis. Then, make them do YOUR job every day, for a year. Whether it's working at Starbucks or working in an office or driving a truck for UPS. Realize that you will probably NEVER get a raise, but your taxes, rent and everything else will continue to go up. Everyone they encounter CANNOT treat them like they're someone special/rich/famous, therefore they have to deal with superiors, co-workers, etc., without the benefit of having ANY IMPORTANT CONTACTS WHATSOEVER. They cannot reach out to that famous attorney, or influential friends, etc., et al. Oh, and no spreading your legs for Playboy either ... the average gal doesn't have those kinds of contacts anyway. Basically, they're on their own and have to deal with life like a regular person. Put up with horrible bosses and impossible co-workers. THEN, watch them maneuver that life for a while ... say a month or two then BAM! Lay them off AND GIVE THEM 6 MONTHS of unemployment insurance with maybe, oh, let's say, two job interviews in the course of six months to a year and watch while they go through the frustrating process of filling out applications on-line (because that is the only way to get a job these days, and remember, many employers have right on their job post statements like "we are only looking to interview people who are currently employed" .... cause you unemployed people are too desperate and you suck). Watch, as they send their resumes into cyberspace. Watch as they wait for a phone call or something in the mail with a prospective interview. Watch ... when they don't. Watch! When they get A CALL! AN INTERVIEW! They schedule it. Drive to it. Pay for parking. Then they're tested for approximately two hours. Then it's over and you wait, and wait and wait. For weeks and weeks and sometime more weeks. Then, if you've interviewed at a "nice" organization, they'll send you a letter telling you they have hired someone for that position and good luck to you. However, nine times outta ten, you NEVER hear back from anyone ... just ADD WATER, MIX AND REPEAT ... 17,000 TIMES. Watch the once spoiled, wealthy, ungrateful deal with the stress of applying for job after job after job never, ever, knowing if anyone saw your resume, read it, considered it or laughed manically as they threw it into the circular file. Let's see how they pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Oh oh, two more weeks of unemployment .... rent/mortgage due .... babies to feed .... xmas coming.

The point of this reality show? The uber rich/ultra conservative politician hopefully learns compassion and understands, from the heart, that not everyone out there on unemployment (a) doesn't want to get a job; (b) has no ambition; (c) just sits at home and waits for their check. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW THAT STATEMENT PISSES ME OFF. Those of you who read my blog know that I was unemployed for two years after being laid off in May 2008. So come on Kim, Paris, Donald Trump - who wants to take me on? Do America a favor ... let us watch YOU suffer for a change. You'll always have your fabulous life to return to ... the rest of America however, doesn't.


  1. Good morning Debbie!!! HOW ARE YOU??? O.K, life has been BUSY to the point that we come home to just CRASH. I am teaching fifty kids this year due to BUDGET CUTS, but thank God I have a job.....but there is no other way to say it but it is RIDICULOUS to think a teacher can deliver quality education with juggling two classrooms and learning a new curriculum, but anyhooooo.......thank you for coming to visit. I find it so hard to keep up with all the emails and work and blogging, but I love to write and compose, but I feel so overwhelmed. THANK YOU FOR VISITING and I hope that you are still working? How is your husband? I will give Ruben your best and I am sure he will visit you when he gets a chance. Thank you also for your kind comments. You have not lost your touch here; great wit as always!!! LOVE TO YOU DEBBIE, Anita

  2. Debbie - I so agree with you. We need a reality show like that...I just don't know what these idiots would do if they lived in the real world. However, instead of Kim or Paris or Rush or David, why not put the politicians on the show? Let's say Pelosi and Boxer and Palin and McCain.....I think that would be good. Let's see how they handle it. These people who are proposing to cut the unemployment benefits are blithering idiots who don't have a clue what is going on in the real world. They need to watch 60 Minutes and listen to Bill Bernanke!! I hate them all! I thank God daily that I have never been unemployed and I pray daily that I never will be unemployed. I certainly would NOT be able to survive. Keep up the good work Debbie. You rock! Love ya, Corinne

  3. You hit the nail on the head Debbie. How do these people continue their extravagant lifestyles with all thats going on in the world today??
    Cinty Loo

  4. VOTE!
    But, don't just vote. Take a God Damn side! Don't give me the "I'm in the middle" bullshit!!  If just the Latinos, who we know are in the Democratic majority voted Left, every one of the "uber riche" would be paying OUR part! Then you would see THEM cry and suffer. Then we wouldn't allow THEM to send the poor to their deaths in wars created for THEIR enjoyment.  Then THEY would be crushed election after election!  If we were all as up in arms about the plight of the middle class and poor as your rant suggests, then the real majority would run this country. Just don't tell us "I'm in the middle"!!!  Yes, the people are "getting off their asses" to apply for jobs. We have to get off our collective asses and vote for what's right. Not for the "right"!! Get the hell out of the middle!!! Know one can hear you there. Get on your side and yell your GODDAMN ASS OFF!!!

    I recently went to the Penn St. vs Michigan football game in Pennsylvania. What an incredible atmosphere. While walking up the hills and through the tailgaters, a back and forth chant of "WE ARE!!...PENN ST!!! would rumble here and there. It was a bit half hearted, a bit half drunken or a bit half assed. Kind of like we are when we are bullshiting around with each other in our little groups and cliques. But, when the crowd had gathered as one, and that "one" became One Hundred Thousand, and the chant "WE ARE!!!!...PENN ST!!!" roared from one side of the stadium to the other and back again, the people in the middle (the players) couldn't hear or be heard.  It was incredibly powerful. 

    I love your passion. I love the venom. Your "reality show" will unfold before your eyes. Keep encouraging your readers. Readers, encourage more readers. Stand firmly. "WE WIN!!!...THE FIGHT!!!!"

    Merry Christmas. 

  5. Great post, Debbie! I, too, cannot bear the thought of a David Hasseldorf reality show, but even worse, I can't believe there'd be a audience for it. That's what's really sad. The crap that's on TV is unbelievable!

  6. Deb, I can Guarantee I will not be watching the "DAVID" and his daughters...good grief...

  7. Deb, I am anonymous. Still struggle with how this works..


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