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Meet my friend, Ruben ...

I want you all to meet him ... this is his website:

He is a university professor, a Christian, and an amazing guy that I am happy and proud to call my friend. He and his beautiful wife Anita, were in California a few months ago and we visited and talked for 12 solid hours. He is a Christian that can discuss scripture/theology/religious dogma and politics like a human being. He never, ever condescends or patronizes. And he listens. Talking to Ruben is a satisfying exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings and you never feel disrespected or patronized ... and that is saying a lot when you consider what discussing politics or religion does to most people LOL!

I am a person of extremes. I can be irreverent and sarcastic and at the same time I am very spiritual. A sometimes practicing, sometimes non-practicing Catholic, but mostly someone who has always read and searched and thought about the deeper issues in life (though you'd never know it by the tone of my blog) and Ruben is someone that I feel so fortunate to know because we essentially agree on so many things that it might surprise a lot of people.

I want to share a quote from Ruben, which I don't think he'd mind. I found this statement so powerful because it is so simple and profound at the same time:

"As a Christian, I have long been humbled by the fact that I cannot prove a single religious doctrine that I consider universal. The only thing I can do is prove my faith by the goodness with which I treat others. That is all of my religion the world can see."
-- Ruben Rivera

Isn't that beautiful?! So please, if you are curious about spiritual matters or you are already strongly rooted in faith, check out his blog. I think you will find it most enlightening.


  1. Dear Debbie,

    I am humbled and grateful for your friendship and sharing my blog with others.

    This means a lot to me.



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