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HALLALUJAH!!!!! and so long you hypocritical, miserable B***h!

Now, all we gotta do is get Rush "Fatboy" Limbaugh off the air!!!!


  1. Good morning, Debbie! Although I never heard this woman speak, I do know she was an annoyance to for R.L., I couldn't stand his style! must be beside yourself!! HEY, how is your new job? Was the rest of your summer good? After our trip to CA., which was soooo fabulous (seeing you was a huge part of the fun), we came home and had so much fun relaxing and planning our home addition, that looks like it will start in October. School is starting in about 2 weeks so off we go back to our classrooms. I'm ready now.

    Enjoy your day dear Debbie.....REJOICE!!! :) Anita

  2. But, what are all the wives who are thier husband's girlfriends gonna do?? Who is gonna tell them how to think and act?? Are there enough mind-numbing medications on the market to support them as they attempt to recover from this loss?? Maybe Rush can hook the girlfrieds up w his old (wink wink) "connection??"

  3. I agree...can't stand her. Interesting though....when she was negotiating her radio contract she wanted Howard Stern to be censored....even though now she said she's leaving due to her 1st amendment rights. Where we're Howard Stern's 1st amendment rights when she was trying to boot him out of radio?
    Good Ridence!!


  4. GOOD RIDDANCE is right, now Rush, next BECK!!! He's the most dangerous!

    Laura (who is NOT a doctor) is the worlds biggest hypocrite. She has done everything she criticizes other women for - slept around, had sex before marriage, had an affair with a married man, and worked while she was a mom. She has chastised other women for these things to the point of tears, and yet she never acknowledged any of her own shit.
    Now her "N"-word rant, years ago it was the "Gays are an abomination" scandal. Ugh....
    SHE is an abomination.

    ( Hi Debbie!)


  5. Hi Debbie,
    Dr. Laura has never been a favorite of mine. I don't know where you got those pictures, but they're great. Laura has long been a pain in certain people's side for her pontificating and for criticizing in others while giving herself and her "in-group" a free pass for similar things. The West Wing used to be my favorite show. They did an episode in which President Bartlett totally destroys verbally a character clearly meant to be Dr. Laura. It is a classic scene. Check it out here:

    I loved your Viggo adventure part II. See my comment there.

    Take care my friend,


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