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I saw the Queen on Fox TV ...

She sure is pretty ... in a "mommy" sort of way. Not in a Governor or President way. Pleeeeeze God, No. Sarah Palin has five kids, one with Downs Syndrome. How in the world does she think she's going to run the world with all those kids? And you know she's gonna run in 2012, right after her reality series comes to an end. You know, the one all about Alaaaaaska. But, if George W was able to do it for eight years, I guess anyone can. Even me.

All I can tell you is that I lost my job under George W. I was out of work for two years and survived only because Obama kept extending unemployment benefits. If it weren't for that I'd probably be living in someone's garage right now. Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT ... anywhoo, the republicans now have the house and now everything will be ALL BETTER (and I'm sure it'll happen within ... ooooh, 2 month tops cause you know those republicans ... they know how to get things done.
*Sigh* ... it's all so depressing.


  1. Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell (Tea Party- Delaware), Sharron Angle (Tea Party-Nevada) are the beat thing to happen to the Dems in a long time. Three years ago the republican party thought, 'my God, the country is on the verge of electing a woman to the presidency. Surely they wont elect a black guy. Look, let's get a real MILF,ala SP, steal the female vote Hilary garnered and knock the socks off the perverted testosterone filled male mainstream! It doesn't matter how stupid she is. She won't REALLY run the country anyway. And, we will win the WHITE House again!'. Now they just roll out incredibly ignorant women who couldn't take a lunch order from the likes of Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren or Sonia Soto-Mayor. Imagine, their "smart" ones are the likes of Carly Fiorino and Michelle Bachman. There is a new republican face that is beginning to emerge. They come in the appearance of Marco Rubio and Brian Sandoval. The republican party is supporting the exact thing they absolutely fear, HISPANICS!!! LOL!!!! I understand the anxiety, but never fear!

  2. Are you saying that being a woman with a family and a child with special needs can't have a career in politics? I don't recall anyone asking a MAN the same questions? I personally think Mrs. Palin is a joke. She has so much family baggage and how you say...pop culture crap surrounding her, I don't think she's that dumb to to try for ANY office. She'll make more money doing what her and her family are doing...

    Funny, no one said to Bush...hurry up and fix everything in his 8 year positions, but people seem to think that Obama can REALLY fix everything in 20 months.

    Did you know that it took FDR 4 years to get the New Deal going...that and WWII.


    ps. didn't vote for either one of the knuckleheads who ran for Governor.

  3. I have no problem with a woman being president, but I sure hope it's not Palin. I've written on her before, but the long and short of it is this: she just plain scares me.

    Debbie, you might be interested in what I just posted on my blog. Let me know what you think.




  6. What's frustrating is that Obama thinks I should have to pay for not only unemployed workers fooorever but that I should also have to pay for everyone's heath care and for illegal immigrants too. No Way! I work hard for my income and I'd like to decide how it should be spent. Many of my, yes, hispanic family members all agree that people who come to this country should thank this country for all the opportunities it provides and not take advantage of all the taxpayers. But, what do you expect, give people something for nothing and they'll stop working and take the matter what race. Glad you got unemployment since you paid into it Debs but don't think it should be extended for anyone. I don't expect others or the government to take care of me. I rely only on God.


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