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I don't know what it is, but it all started a few years ago with my Viggo. And let me say right here that Viggo will always be my No. 1 Fantasy Boyfriend, BUT lately ... I've been getting these unbelievable big ol crushes on guys from the 1970's and I completely JONES over them. Right now my big ol crush is on Gino Vannelli. My husband bought me an IPOD and I always loved Gino Vannelli's music so I downloaded a ton of it and now I cannot stop listening to him and thinking about him and wanting to be his girlfriend. Seriously.

It's obsession verging on madness. But look at him! He's the typical sex god from the 70's. Big hair, tight pants, hairy chest. And his songs ... his lyrics are very sexy and deep ... he literally make me swoon.

A while back I was in love with Robert Lamm of Chicago. I searched the Internet like a madwoman trying to find pictures, video, any information on him I could possibly find ... totally obsessed.
It's like I am suffering from some form of latent teenage lust. So I asked my sister WTF is this all about because she's a RN and I thought she could give me a medical/psychological reason. She told me "you're horny".

SO, back to my original question ... does this ever happen to you? Please let me know. Send me your comments, your stories and the names of your crushes. Help a middle aged sister out ... I can't be the only one out there.

I await your stories and comments with anticipation ... SMOOCHES!


  1. Billy Dee Williams
    Had a thing for older men back then!

  2. Kurt Russell still does it for me!
    Cinty Loo

  3. I'm obsessed with Alec Baldwin. Ever since "Prelude to a Kiss", I've been smitten. And I MET HIM! It took everything in my to not leave my husband. ; )

  4. WOW....I had a crush on Gino Vanelli too...I actually saw him in concert back in the day. Well, as you know, I was and still am totally in love/lust with Sean Connery. I have a charcoal portrait of him in my laundry room and my alarm clock has his voice so I wake up to him telling me..."Good Morning bunny, time to wake up and face the day"..and I'm not even kidding...Eric gave it to me for my Birthday years ago.
    So NO...your not the only


    ps. I just wanna STOP...and tell ya' how I feel about cha' babe~

  5. Guess I'm the weirdo here cause I can't remember having a crush on a celebrity since Paul McCartney waaaaaay back when. Am I boring or what? And don't feel like you gotta answer that.......


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  7. Hi Debbie and gang.

    Well, I'm going really be the weird one here, but I have to say it: no I've never had a jones for Gino Vannelli, Robert Lamm, or even Paul McCartney. Sorry ladies.

    But just yesterday I had a hankering for an old TV series. Remember Darin McGavin as Kolchack in the Night Stalker series? I saw the first one about a modern day Dracula literally painting the town of Las Vegas red, and guess who Kolchack's girlfriend was: Carol Lynley. Remember her? Holy Cow, I forgot about the boyhood crush I had on her.

    And then Anita I saw Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much, and all I kept thinking was "Doris Day, Doris Day." You're going really think I'm weird, but you know what I loved about her? Her voice. Not her singing voice. Just her speaking voice. And that laugh. I done for.

    And that's all I have to say about that.


  8. Debbie,
    On an other note, Anita and I read your blog together almost died laughing at the side bar vintage picture that says: Admitting you're an arsehole is the first step. Where the heck do you find this stuff?

  9. Um, well, the risk of being laughed at or sent a gerbil....Richard Gere just so does it for me....OMG! SIGH.....I still watch Petty Woman over and over and over, just to see him....but then I see his blindingly white chest and I wake up. :)

  10. My first big actor crush was on John Travolta back in the Saturday Night Fever era. Then Grease.. Oh my word, I had it bad. I was 12 years old. Nothing has been that intense since then. Now a days my crushes are very realistic.. for example I love, love, love Benicio Del Toro. I read about him on the internet and found that I had never even heard of the books he listed as his favorites... I was so sad to discover we had absolutely no intellectual connection at all. I need to choose less intelligent celebrity crushes... Sister-Friend


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