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It's been raining heavily all day and freezing outside and all I wanna do is take off all my clothes and stand outside in the rain ... naked ... that is how HOT I am. OMG. This midlife b.s. is the worst. I cried on and off all afternoon. Why? No reason, and a million reasons. I was thinking about my mommie who passed away in December, 2005. Christmas has never been the same ... and I can't tell you any more because I'll start crying again ... then, I happened to catch a movie on t.v. ... Someone Like You with Ashley Judd and the most gorgeous man who ever lived, Hugh Jackman ... (except for Viggo of course ... despite the fact that he abandoned me for another woman who is now his new girlfriend and left me with a big ol broken heart). Sobbed through the entire movie. I've also been dealing with a nasty boil on the back of my thigh that hurts like hell. I never knew something could be so painful. I've been expending mountains of energy dealing with the pain and have been unable to walk like a normal person for the last four days. I feel fat, and sweaty and disgusting. OK OK - TMI. But I can't help it. When I write a post and put it "out there", I have no idea who will read it so it's almost like writing in a diary.

Any wise and wonderful ladies out there that have traveled down this road and care to share your stories, please do. Even though I have read all about these symptoms and women today are much more informed on all things female, when it happens to YOU, you still feel ALL ALONE because you're the one driving everyone around you crazy with your hormonal hysteria. It's so embarrassing.
Think about it ... in the life of the average woman, she will experience monthly periods/cramps/migraines/pregnancy/childbirth/PMS/
Menopause, all of it. If she lives to be, say 80 years old, she will have approximately 20 to 30 years of relative sanity. Ages 0-12 are great. Thirteen to 50 .... all the hell begins. After that, for approximately 5 to 10 years, you gotta deal with hot flashes, mood swings, crying jags, the works. Then ... you die. Not fair. Not fair at all.



  1. I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. My only advice is it should get better. I'm 57 and some days I don't have any. Some of my friends take anti depressents and that is helping them. Seems to reduce the hot flashes. I always have a hard time around the holidays ...missing those that have passed away. Feel better soon!

  2. Awwww Debbie, having your own personal summer on these rainy days can sometimes be okay....I am just now starting to have those...and believe me, I hate every minute of it! At least you are in your 50's....I'm only in my 40's and already going through hell! It's no wonder my husband left me and my girls hate me and I have no friends and I don't have a boyfriend and....oh I could go on and on, but you know all the crap already....LOL! Love you Deb. Hope you feel better soon...Corinne

  3. It's hot on the east coast too baby. We're supposed to take comfort that this too shall pass, but its a bitch. I never dreamed getting older would happen to me, but what are the alternatives? Hang in there chica and know that we are still fabulous in spite of the bloat and moodiness, and the rest. Merry Christmas.

  4. Dear Debbie

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Wow. Talk about adding insult to injury: as if losing your mom and going through menopause wasn't enough. But a boil, too?

    My heart goes out to you my friend. And I'm amazed that you can at least turn these lemons into lemonade, because your great humor is still intact.


  5. Oh Debbie dearest....I am also going through menopause but with minimal hot flashes....but dearest, life gets so hectic and I is a challenge keeping up with this wonderful world of blogging and WORKING FULL TIME AS WELL! So don't even stress over not coming to visit...there is much on your plate. We adore you, and I apologize for not coming over often to visit with you. I don't know if there are really any remedies to combat menopause, but here we are darlin' together on this journey and our men have to bear with us! The other day I was so irritable and it was so strange; I KNEW I WAS HAVING A MENOPAUSE MOMENT! BUt there was nothing I could do to shake the bad attitude but to walk away and be alone.

    Here is wishing you a quiet, cool and calming celebration dear one....lots of love, Anita

  6. Debs, I went through hot flashes for two years and just couldn't take it any more. I started taking bioidentical hormones and the hot flashes went away. I am a normal person again. Love it!

  7. You need to call Amy!
    I call her my vitamin B-12. I always feel better after talking to her.



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