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Electrolysis anyone?

Geeze louise, get some electrolysis on that forehead for God's sake! You can't tell where your eyebrows finish and your hairline starts! Yikes! You look like you're half Italian and half neanderthal. I'm just sayin'


  1. Whaatt? I don't get it. I'm trying to figure out just what you mean and I'm trying to think like you...but my brain hurts. Your gonna have to 'splain it to me.



    the Salsa Queen!...eloise...

  3. Gotta give her props on her eyelashes, though; all separated into big spikes. Like the spokes of a Calistoga Wagon wheel.

    Or the iron fence around Disneyland's Haunted Mansion . . .

    The concealer under her right eye is too light for her skin tone. What is her skin tone? My guess is "Burnt Butterscotch Blondie," and I'm with Mary Kay, so you gotta trust me! We don't carry BBB,so maybe she finds it when she's slumming @ CVS to buy Wet & Wild for $1.29.

    Why isn't she getting her entire face threaded?! For pity sakes, it's only $25 where I go to have it done; if I didn't, I'd look like my own twin brother! If I had one.

    Long Beach, Orange Avenue, strip mall across from the 99-Cents Only Store. After she's done, Sabi will give her a coupon for $5 off her next visit. She should maybe mention my name and Sabi will cut her some slack, seeing as she's clearly an emergency, stat!

  4. Ya know, I could never quite pinpoint what was not right about Teresa's look... until now. She is my favorite NJ Housewife, but the truth is the truth. Thanks Deb :)
    Love ya,

  5. Hey - she's a werewoman - pretty scary. Debbie I love your blog. Evie


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