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It is said that there is a sisterhood among women.  This I know for sure.  There are many types of sisterhoods, but the one, the most important, is the Sisterhood of Clerical Workers aka Secretarial Drones.  Those of us who serve others in the clerical arts and sciences. 

It came upon me in a flash, as most realizations do, that I had not done something correctly.  A momentary lapse in concentration, a slip, an error and then REALIZATION!  A panic descended.  Then fear.  What to do?! What to do?! 
The deed was done.  Now I was left to ponder how I would undo it.  At that moment, a lifeline descended from Heaven and into my mind came the words … “Call Elaina” my sister in the clerical arts.  I emailed her, explained the situation and she, without hesitation, appeared at my desk at the ready with empathy, no judgment and understanding.
How does one trace the workings of an error?  We think back, consider, remember.  We jump into action, searching the computer for telltale giveaways and clues to undo. 
Elaina, Master of the Computer, begins her work.  She clicks and searches, probes and types, VOILA!  A clue!  We are taken into another direction, guided we are certain, by the gods that serve menial servants such as ourselves.  With open hearted trust we follow them, with faith we plod ahead.
In the hours that transpired, sweat poured from Elaina's brow and anxiety took hold of my heart.  While she diligently worked, I stood behind her, frantically praying that we would not be discovered trying to undo what had already been done.  Elaina, calm in the midst of a clerical hell, continued on.  She traversed the computer as though it were a mansion with hidden rooms and locked doors.  Hoping against hope that she would find the door and key, the answer that would end my misery and right what had been wronged. 
THEN, MIRACULOUSLY she found it!  The illusive and dastardly dog was discovered!  Elaina, steady of hand and mind, CORRECTED the wrong, SAVED the day, and proved, once again, that the Sisterhood is alive and well … ready, willing, and able to serve another day.
The End 


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So, after my husband told me that I was mean to him I decided to make him his favorite dinner.  Roasted chicken, Stove Top stuffing and corn.  Hearty comfort food.  As you all know, our rule is -- whoever cooks, the other does the dishes.  

After enjoying our meal, and good night of TV, we headed upstairs to bed, BUT ... Danny remained downstairs, went into the kitchen and started doing the dishes!  As I relaxed in bed and heard him clanging the dishes as he did them I almost felt bad for him and contemplated telling him to forget the dishes ... do them tomorrow.  But I didn't.  I felt I had to stick to my guns.  

That morning, Danny was planning to spend the day with a friend at a racquetball tournament.  I was still sleeping as he kissed me good-bye.  I told him to have a good time and thanked him for doing the dishes last night.

When I woke up, THIS is what I found in my sink.  

I only wished I'd taken the picture before all the suds went away.  THIS is how Danny does dishes.  …


Danny has this disgusting habit of brushing his teeth and then rinsing his toothbrush and leaving it ALL WET in the toothbrush thing.  (See photo below.  A roll of toilet paper he sets on the counter like a cup and then sticks his toothbrush in the middle of it) ... what a genius huh?

The point?  Adisgusting, wet toothbrush will collect bacteria and mosquitoes and it's disgusting and filthy.  It drives me crazy.  Does he stop?  NO.  

What you're supposed to do is brush, rinse with HOT water and then DRY THE BRUSH THOROUGHLY ... THEN put it in the toothbrush thing.  IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

And how hard is it to take the yogurt OUT of the plastic bag?

God forbid he break a sweat. 

 Also, he never EVER closes a drawer, a cabinet, or a door ... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you HATE when your husband makes hamburgers ...

*sigh* ... my life.


An Ode to Viggo
Who knows where or when my love for you began it took me by surprise and filled up my whole life
Some laughed and called me mad but I knew that was sad for love cannot be mocked and Viggo, my world rocked
I've seen his every film, his songs, his poems and still I love him more each day and that's how it will stay  for in my dreams he lives
Each step through ether's door we meet forever more and so shall it remain until my life should wane
- Signed Debbie Nunez Mortensen :) (yes, I know I'm weird)