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Last night I caught Oprah’s interview with Sharon Stone on aging.  I love Oprah but sometimes I wonder what the hell she's thinking … Sharon Stone?  Who is 56 but looks 35?  Here she is on the cover of Shape ...

No 56 year old I know looks like this unless they’re barfing after every meal.  COME ON OPRAH.  How come you didn’t talk to A REAL person?  It really is insulting to see you two gals gushing over “acceptance” and “embracing age” when you look like Sharon Stone.  Sharon talked about turning 40 when she took a bottle of wine into her bathroom and looked at her face in a magnifying mirror, and looked at her body and cried and cried and cried.  If she had MY body she would have slit her wrists.  Then she spoke about “internal beauty” … you know crap like wisdom and spirituality.  All in all it was completely self-serving and not realistic.  If I saw what Sharon Stone sees in the mirror I'd cry and cry and cry too ...  OUT OF HAPPINESS! 

Seriously Sharon.  I know you think you’re helping but you’re not.  You are actually pissing off a large portion of the population who would like to throttle you because they know that no one they know looks like you.  And you KNOW IT TOO.  You’re making 50+ women the world over very pissed off. 
And then both she and Oprah went on and on about how it pisses them off that photographers air brush and photoshop, etc., et al. (e.g see photo above) So here’s a truth for you girls … Oprah, if you had to shop at Macy’s do you think you’d find clothes to fit and make you look fabulous?  NO.  You’d be hard pressed to find flattering clothing for a woman of your age and size and I say this only with love.  Oprah … don’t do any more shows like this OK.  And if you do, use real people who have real value and real insight into what it REALLY means to age in the real world.  Not in Hollywood.  Thank you. 
So after that love fest I caught Lindsay Lohan on Oprahs’ OWN network.  Lindsay Lohan needs to be bitched slapped.  This is only the fourth or fifth episode but I can tell you right now if I had to work for this child I would have put a bullet in my head already.  Lindsay Lohan should count her blessings that she is not a regular person trying to live a sober life in the REAL WORLD because NO ONE would put up with her bull-shit.  At first I felt bad for her but by episode 2 anyone can see how she manipulates.  Were she a “normal” girl living in the “real world” trying to maintain sobriety working as say, a secretary, she would already have had a complete break down.  The girl cannot handle stress of ANY KIND.  It's actually scary.  And everyone around her indulges her and handles her with kid gloves.  It’s appalling.  First she’s all stressed out about getting into her new New York apartment.  Then when she finally gets into her apartment she is all stressed out when all her belongings are delivered (which truthfully, I’d be stressed out too because this girl has more shit than anyone I’ve ever known) ... she’s basically a hoarder … but a hoarder of extremely high end haute couture.  She is a big, hot mess and I honestly don’t think she’ll be able to pull it together.  She really needs to stop surrounding herself with people who fawn over her and who she can intimidate.  She is very adept at deflecting responsibility while she holds up production and makes staff and crew people wait on her all day and night only to then decide that she doesn't want to film because she needs to be alone.  Oprah had to have a sit down with her and basically told her to quit fucking up. 

Time will tell what happens to Lindsay.  Hopefully it won’t be another tragic ending to a young life.  And I really mean that. 

And, last but not least ... Kim Kardashian's ASS.  A freak of nature that defies explanation. 




  1. HI DEBBIE! I am here and I just caught your post off my email. You are fun to read and I agree about the "real people" approach to talking about such matters. I cannot believe the media has not realized that we the people are smarter than that to believe that Sharon Stone or any other celebrity looks just like anyone else, before all the make-up and Photoshopping. I am currently writing for a new magazine that celebrates the artist, and the whole and real person. Now that's something to talk about.

    I hope you are well! Anita

  2. Oprah needs to just stop talking.
    Lindsay needs to find a rehab that will take her for about 5 years.
    Kim Kash Kow needs to just stop.

  3. I saw the Lindsay show too. I want to bitch slap her and choke to living shit out of her. But her parents helped create this monster by pimping her out as a child star.

  4. Sharon Stone must have a great plastic surgeon and a lot of "me time" because anyone with a real face and body knows that that shit isn't possible without a ton of work. Ain't nobody got time for that shit!
    Lindsay Lohan getting life coached by Oprah. It's like the self-centered leading the self-centered.
    Kim K's sand covered bum looks like two sugar dipped doughnuts. I wonder what exercise she does to get it to stick out like that?

  5. Thanks for commenting everyone!


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