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and Laura and Jennifer, to whom I confided in at lunch about my feelings with regard to my blog and how I feel that I am contributing to the nonsense and filth I critique about, thereby being "a part of the problem and not a solution."  They immediately convinced me that "NOOOOO, you can't stop writing about the Housewives, Kimmie Kardashian and the like!"  So ... I shall carry on as before, bad mouthing and judging those crazy lunatics as I see fit because it is, after all, MY BLOG, and I am doing a public service (even though I do at times wrestle with my conscience) ...

Kardashian Crisis! Kris Jenner Rushed To Hospital With Bruce By Her Side
Kris and Bruce jenner hosptial
Oh no!  What happened?  Did one of her implants explode?  Did her facelift fall?  Did Bruce get his first period?

... film at 11

NEXT .... the Bitches from the OC are back

So apparently, Radar on Line is burning up the web with stories about Tamra, Simon and her children.  Simon, control freak that he is, is trying to take custody of his three children away from Tamra.  Their 15 year old daughter has decided to live with him because her mother is "verbally abusive and unable to care for her like a daughter."  (WORD)  Tamra is heartbroken that Simon is doing this to their children. 

Tamra my love, if I had a mother who filmed her sexcapades with her hot Latin boyfriend in the tub for all the world to see I'd be humiliated, embarrassed and I wouldn't want to live with you either.  Cop a clue Tamra.  Your daughter is 15.  You really need to act like a mother.  No 15 year old girl wants a MILF as a mother.  In the brilliant words of Kathy Griffin ... Throw on a moo-moo, drink wine out of the box and lay the sofa where you belong.     

And this right here would shame any 15 year old into wearing a bag on her head for the rest of her life. 

Real classy Tamra.  (Again, I give you and Eddie two years).  THEN, after your third marriage breaks up, promise me you'll get on some meds and commit to at least three years of therapy. 

NEXT ...


Lord have mercy all hell broke loose at the Housewives of Atlanta Reunion - Part 1

Ms. Porsha beat the crap outta Ms. Kenya and almost yanked her weave out.  It all started when Porsha mentioned Kenya's invisible African prince who she is apparently dating (in her mind) and insinuated that he was "paid" to be her invisible boyfriend, harking back to Walter, her boyfriend of last year.  Personally, the way Kenya provokes EVERYONE I'm surprised she didn't get her ass beat sooner.  

First of all she shows up carrying a scepter (cause she's a Queen you know) and then she pulls out a bull horn to out talk Porsha.  If that had been me Ms. Kenya would have had that bull horn shoved half way down her throat.  The woman is EVIL and I honestly felt sorry for Porsha being pushed to the limit like that. 

THEN Andy Cohen makes a statement about how violence is NEVER okay when he in fact HOPES that shit will get real otherwise why would he hire a bunch of narcissistic, egomaniacal women to be in the same room together year after year after year?  I mean come on Andy ... this crap is ratings GOLD and you KNOW IT.  A fight guarantees watchers ... you really should just own it.

All that said, Kenya Moore is NUTS. 

As for Nene, she basically sat there like the Queen of Sheba emanating superiority the entire show.  I used to LOVE Nene but I think her head has swelled quite a bit which is sad because you know what they way about success ... be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on the way down
That's it ladies and germs. 




  1. re: That Woman's hospital visit. I believe it was because they discovered the way to remove the soul of a young child and place it inside that pussy black hole in That Woman's chest where her heart used to be.
    Trouble is the soul rejected That Woman's body so she is still a soulless evil woman.

    Tamra? What Kathy said; and don't blame your husband because your children chose their father, blame yourself.

    RHoA? I blame Andy. These reunions are set up for conflict so it's no surprise when the conflict gets physical. Methinks Andy doth protest too much ... at least until he gets a look at the ratings!


  2. you do a great job. I don't watch those shows but you do a great job on the updates!
    you should however venture into new areas as your writing talents would shine there too.

    1. You know Ray I've actually been thinking about changing it up. I know I've relied on the Housewives for quite a while now ... I think I'll start picking on my husband again because he's such a good source of material LOL!!

  3. The Housewives is how I TRAVEL> BRAVO TAKE ME AWAY!!!

  4. Yes! Kenya Moore is NUTS! My favorite FRUIT LOOP!!!

  5. DRAMA Tamara, "Vieth", "Barney", "Judge"! YAWN!


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