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Heather (the Yummy Tummy chick) seriously needs a nose job.  She should come up with a yummy tummy type contraption for that schnozzola of hers. It's almost as big as her head! ... you could paint eyes, a nose and a mouth on that thing and it would be another face on her face.  (The only reason I mention it is that she is uber rich and must have major connections to the top plastic surgeons in NYC.  If I were her I would have fixed that honker years ago!) 

Ramona has lost her mind.  Enough said.

Aviva has more phobias than a petri dish.  She's afraid of EVERYTHING.  She's afraid of flying,she's afraid of elevators, she's afraid of being afraid and she irritates the crap outta me.

Luanne (the Countess) is trying to get knocked up.  HON, YOU'RE FORTY-SEVEN.  You probably only have about 7 eggs left.  Oy.  Also, she's very competitive with new housewife Carol, who just happens to be a REAL Princess and is very well connected.  She was married to Anthony Radziwell who was Jackie Kennedy's nephew and you can't get much higher in society than being related to a Kennedy, which I'm sure makes the Countess GREEN with envy and diarrhea. 

I don't know about you but I'm getting rather bored with the housewives.  I think they may have run their course.  I know I've watched faithfully while all these "ladies" scream and claw their way to the bottom and I am thoroughly ashamed of myself but like I've said in the past, they're always good for the blog.  

Also, I caught the Part 2 of the Housewives of Orange County "sit down" ... proof that some people really are just taking up valuable space.  And yes, I DO watch to feel better about myself.  

OK.  I'm done.


  1. I did love the Princess trying to outgun the "Countess" at dinner, and then saying in her interview that she's not very mature.
    Loved that part.
    Of course, I love it any time Luann takes one to the ego!

  2. I've been board with those "ladies", however I'm enjoying the Hollywood Exes. Go figure. How are you? Just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm still lurking around.

    Great picture of Viggo! Very yummy.

  3. Poor Countess ... she will never, EVER be at the level of the Princess and I LOVE IT!

  4. DIVAMOM!!! I've missed you my friend! Thanks for stopping by! I have also been watching The Hollywood Exes and I gotta say I really enjoy them. They're not nearly as snarky and competetive as the Housewives. The Exes are actually a bunch of ladies I feel I could sit down with and hang out with. My favorites so far are Mayte and Nicole. I HOPE YOU'RE DOING WELL AND NOT SWELTERING IN THAT D.C. HEAT!

  5. If the Countess does have a another child she'll be at least 65 when it graduates from high school. She's got an out of control ego.

  6. Agreed. The ego is ENORMOUS. The only way she is going to be able to procreate is if she has her daughter carry her child for her. That was so bad.


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