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I really don't see what difference this is going to make considering the Republicans have basically refused to work with President Obama on anything since day one of his presidency.  I think it's actually pretty comical that the Republicans are so jubilant over this win because Obama is STILL, after all, THE PRESIDENT.  Remember folks, this is the party that brought the government to a complete and total standstill over Obamacare.  Something that was legally voted into law.  But again, that's politics.  I must say though, I thoroughly enjoyed Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham from Senate Floor ... let that sink in for just a minute.

So for now, the Republicans have the power.  When they fuck everything up, then we'll vote the Democrats back into power.  When they fuck everything up, we'll vote the Republicans back into power, when they fuck everything up, we'll put the Democrats back into power and so on and so on and so on.

Having worked in the political arena for a year and a half I can tell you that politics is a disgusting, horrible, soulless game.  And not that I am a political expert at all, but having been IN IT, surrounded by the people that most folks look up to and vote for, well ... let me tell you, up close and personal, most of these people are the definition of smarmy.  And they are ALL bought and paid for.  Really.  BOUGHT.  AND.  PAID.  FOR.  You do this for me, and I'll do that for you.  The right, the left, Democrats and Republicans.  It doesn't matter.  The GOOD people, those with souls and a conscience, are merely laughed out of the room.  It's disgusting.

Don't you find it interesting that no one other than the Republicans and the Democrats participate in the debates?  No Independents, no Green Party, NO OTHER PARTIES are ever represented.  When Ralph Nader ran as an Independent in 2004 he was not allowed to participate in the debates.  Why is that?  I mean really?  Why is that?  I know that a lot of people think Ralph Nader is a looney toon, but Sarah Palin is about as smart as a tire iron and she participated in the presidential debates.  And if you wanna talk about looney toons, Michelle Bachman is seriously living on another planet.       

To bar any candidate from participating in the most American of activities - the Presidential Elections, is for one thing UNAMERICAN.  For another, it hinders the process and cheats the public out of knowing who is running and what their platforms are.  I think we need MORE choices.  The two party system does not serve us anymore.  Republican/Democrat - two sides of the same coin.  Both corporate owned.  The Koch Brothers, who own the media and buy politicians like Monopoly tokens tell the politicians what to say and how to say it.  They fill the airwaves and Fox News with "entertainers" like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to spew their ridiculous nonsense out into the ether and people who do not have the time nor inclination to educate themselves latch on to their five minute sound bites and call it "thinking."  They also tell us who to vote for by deciding who we will watch in the debates.  And the left does the same thing however, the left is not nearly as crazy as the right.  There is no comparison when you're talking about hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Doesn't it concern you that you are fed your choices?  God forbid the American people have a CHOICE OTHER than a Republican or a Democrat.  That would throw a major monkey wrench in the whole process.

Wouldn't you love to see a candidate who actually says what he or she really believes in instead of reciting politically correct B.S. like a robot?  It's for this reason I didn't vote.  None of these people tell you the truth.  We don't know how they really feel about anything.  They're all voting on issues that they have been bought and paid for to vote on by the gazillionaires who have given them billions of dollars specifically for that reason.  Here's the money - vote my way.  It is all just a disgusting game in which the real losers are the People they serve fuck and lie to. 

Despite what may seem like cynicism on my part, I really am a true believer, and I agree wholeheartedly with the brilliant George Carlin ...

Please.  Take a listen and enjoy.



  1. Well said, and sad, but true.
    People in this country love to complain about politicians, and then they march into the voting booth and re-elect them all.

  2. Voting, for me, is choosing the lesser of two evils. I want to see Hilly get elected. I was sad that Wendy Davis didn’t get elected in Texas. I want to believe Elizabeth Warren has not been corrupted. Why is it that all of politicians I favor are women? I guess I want to believe they listen to their heart and have not been corrupted. I think that if woman were in power more would get done. I may live in a dream world.

  3. I always vote with my true heart. Once, I told my husband who I voted for and he told me I wasted my vote because my guy was never going to win, I said it would be a waste if I didn't try to help my guy win. That's how I see it. I'd rather vote for the loser than not vote at all.


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