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As you may know from having read my Golden Globes Best and Worst ... I hate Madonna (p.s. her gown looked like a computer chip). She's been doing a lot of press lately because she has a movie coming out which she apparently wrote and directed called "W.E." and is about the romance between Edward VIII, the man who would be King of England who gave up the throne for his lady love, Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American. In 1937 it was BIG NEWS and ROCKED THE WORLD. Sort of like if Madonna married Prince William.

Anyway, Madge was being interviewed by Cynthia McFadden on 20/20 the other night and Cynthia told her Highness that all their viewers were dying to know ... what did Madonna think of Lady Gaga? Madonna raised her eyebrow ... took a dainty little sip from her dainty little teacup and in that lovely, quasi-British accent said "I find her reductive", and then, realizing that all us little people out here in t.v. land don't understand big words said "look it up".

Reductive: Noun. A form of an original resulting from a reducing process, such as a copy on a smaller scale.

Mhmmmm ... Me thinks someone is a wee bit jealous and needs to be bitch slapped.

Jealous: Adjective.

1. Feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages (often followed by): He was jealous of his rich brother.

2. Characterized by or proceeding from suspicious fears or envious resentment.

Madge, remember when you were riding the Brittney train? Doing music videos, etc. SO YOU COULD STAY RELEVANT AND IN THE PUBLIC EYE? Hon, you and I are the same age. Yes you're an Icon but you are also a mean old bitch and unfortunately time moves on, new talent surfaces and someone else becomes the NEXT BIG THING. Old farts gotta know how to gracefully take a step back. Madonna ... STEP BACK. You will always be Madonna and you will always have hordes of gay boys who adore you. BE NICE FOR A CHANGE.


Ima Hater.

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  1. Well, that really was not a nice thing for Madonna to say about an artist that she helped pave the way for. She has much to learn about being gracious. I never understand Madge's point with all the costumes, nudity, and other attention grabbing behaviors like dating Dennis Rodman and french kissing Brit-Brit and Christina A during a performance. She seemed to push envelopes for the sake of pushing envelopes. In my opinion she did not contribute to the Arts, she merely made it ok to wear underwear as outerwear. Admittedly, I don't understand Lady Gaga's point either. The costumes, makeup, etc.. The huge difference between Madge & Lady G is this: Lady G can actually sing, and sing well. She can actually play an instrument, and play it well. She can dance, and dance well. Also, Lady Gaga seems like a much nicer person. I agree with you Big Sister-Friend: Madge-Madge is plain ol' jealous. She miscalculated her plan of attack on Hollywood and fame. When you wear your underwear as outerwear, date a basketball hero/drag queen, and kiss girls simply for attention your run in pop culture will absolutely shift once you reach a certain age. Like, for example, old. In order for an artist to have true longevity she must know when its time to graciously bow out and support those who come after you. Madonna should have built her career on talent (yah I know, but I'm trying to be polite) as opposed to building a career on antics. With that being said, let us all wish Madonna well in her new venture and hope that those in the world of film afford her the same kindness, encouragement, and support that she has shown Lady Gaga.


  3. Ditto Deb,very well said Sister-Friend-Cousin!

  4. Thanks, Man.


  5. Debbie, I always know why I love you! Truer words could not be said about Madge. She shouldn't worry so much about her longevity, as she will always have a place of her own: in the DSM under Narcissistic Behaviour Disorder.


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