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Did you all know that Mitt's father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico!?!?!? Just think, Mitt's relatives singing "Volver Volver". Check out the article below:

Mitt Romney's 'Mexican roots': 4 talking points

The all-American GOP candidate has plenty of relatives — and history — south of the border

Mitt Romney has familial history in Mexico that at one point threatened his father's 1968 run for president.

Mitt Romney has familial history in Mexico that at one point threatened his father's 1968 run for president. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images SEE ALL 48 PHOTOS

Best Opinion: Washington Post

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is well known for his carefully crafted all-American image. But the frontrunner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has a more complicated family history, says Nick Miroff in The Washington Post, with deep and enduring roots south of the border. Here, four little-known details about Romney's "Mexican roots":

1. The Romneys fled the U.S. to Mexico
Mitt Romney's great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, was born in a Mormon colony in Nauvoo, Ill., in 1843. The Mormon church's founder, Joseph Smith, was killed by a mob a year later, and the Romneys and other Mormons fled, following Brigham Young across the Great Plains and the Rockies to settle in the Salt Lake Valley. Like many 19th century Mormons, Miles Park Romney was later hounded by federal marshals enforcing anti-polygamy laws. He had four wives and 30 children, and the 1882 Edmunds Act stripped polygamists of many basic citizenship rights, including the right to vote. Miles Park Romney was jailed once, and his property confiscated. In 1885, he fled south into Mexico, and settled in the Chihuahua desert on the banks of the Piedras Verdes River.

2. Romney's father was born in Mexico
The candidate's late father, two-term Michigan Gov. George Romney, was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico in 1907. George Romney's parents were U.S. citizens, so he was, too. George Romney would later serve as Michigan's governor and U.S. secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and ran for president in 1968. Some questioned whether his birth in Mexico made him ineligible for the presidency, but it became irrelevant when Richard Nixon knocked George Romney out of the race with a string of primary victories.

3. And then the Romneys fled back to the U.S.
The Mexican Revolution broke out in 1910, three years after Mitt Romney's father, George, was born. Gaskell Romney — Mitt's grandfather, George's father — put the family on a train for El Paso. When the dust settled, one-third of the Mormons who had left Mexico returned, but Gaskell Romney and his immediate family stayed in the U.S.

4. But some of Romney's relatives still live in Mexico
Three dozen Romneys still live in Colonia Juarez, the Mormon colony in northern Mexico that the candidate's great-grandfather helped establish. They speak English and Spanish with equal fluency. One, a 70-year-old rancher, was once briefly held by a gang of ransom-seeking kidnappers. Most of the Mexican Romneys disagree with their distant relative's hardline stance on illegal immigrants from Mexico, but — even though they have never met him — support his presidential bid, and could vote for Romney via absentee ballot. Because these Mexican Romneys' parents retained U.S. citizenship, they have it, too.

Read the entire article in The Washington Post.

Okay, I wonder why this is the first I've heard of this. Mitt is half Mexican??? He still has familia living in Mexico??? WTF? Orale pues!

Comments anyone? This is too good not to comment on!


  1. yup..I knew this. Romney's ancestors grew up poor...but not his grandfather and everyone after him...

    Their is also a German Colony in Mexico....Vicente Fox came from that.


  2. Some American laws have always confused me. For example, Romneys in MX can vote for their relative as President of the US, but Puerto Ricans on the island which has been a US colonia for over a 100 years can't vote for the President, and Puerto Rico's representative on Congress has no voting power even on issues pertaining to the island.

    It's going to be an interesting presidential race.


  3. Hello Debbie, I love Amy Ferris too and I think we can be friends as long as you understand Viggo Mortenson is MY boyfriend.

    Sue McKinney


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