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I got up at 10:00 am. Trixie was barking so much I had no choice. I went downstairs, made coffee, sat on the couch and watched the “Twilight” movie. After that I watched an hour of cartoons. I feel like a slug. Took a shower, dried my hair, painted on some eyebrows. Contemplated going to the market. Nah. It’s already 2:30. I don’t wanna go outside. I do some laundry. Check my email. Nothing but junk. No one calls me or emails me and I feel very out of touch. I did however receive my unemployment debit card today. Yeah. Debit card … issued by Bank of America. BofA. You know, one of those institutions that all of us hardworking tax payers helped to bail out a few years ago? Yeah, them. Something is amiss in River City. Let’s pause a moment shall we … unemployment benefits are taken out of everyone’s pay for the sole purpose of tiding one over during a period of unemployment. How the hell does an institution like Bank of America get involved in this? I get my allotted $450 just by swiping my unemployment debit card where my unemployment funds are kept in a Bank of America account (?!?!?!?!??!) whenever I make a purchase for say food or toilet paper … what does BofA get out of this? I can’t imagine an institution of that size with that kind of power and influence (and criminality) not getting something. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if every time I swipe those bastards make $5.00. I mean after all, remember when the Occupy Wall Street people and the rest of America got pissed when Bank of America was going to start charging $5.00/month per swipe? The people said "No Way Jose to You Bank of America" then BING, BOOM, BANG, BofA decides not to implement that $5.00 a swipe after all. I'll bet you a bad case of Syphyllis that those bastards maneuvered a deal with the Fed so they could “recover” those “lost fees” … Just puttin’a bug in your ears.
Assholes. Imona write my Senator right now!!!


  1. Dear Debbie,
    This world often makes little sense to me. It has been hijacked by the rich and power for their interests, which are above the interests of common people to be sure, but even above the interests of nation or democracy. I know that talking like this makes me sound crazy. Mr. conspiracy theorist. America hater. Anti-capitalist. Hence I rest my case that simply saying what history shows to be true makes not the warped system but me crazy. I am in the process of dumping BofA and going with another bk.
    All the best,

    How will America be remembered by in future generations: "America? It new the value of a dollar. And that's all it new."
    Roger Rosenblatt, News Hour, 10 July 2006

  2. In case you're interested, Debbie, here is Roger Rosenblatt's final essay for the News Hour from which I got the quote. I heard it on tv back in 2006 and downloaded the transcript. You can find it here.


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