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Doing press to promote his new movie "A Dangerous Method", I copied an excerpt of my Viggo's recent interview in the New York Times Magazine.
Looking less like his "Dangerous Method" character, Sigmund Freud, and more like his usual, Adonis-esque self, Viggo Mortensen covered Sunday's New York Times Style Magazine, where he spoke candidly about his grudge-holding habits when it comes to actors misbehaving on set. "Yeah, well, about that stuff, I am harsh," he says. "There’s no excuse for that behavior.
You’re tired? Come on! The crew isn’t tired? The crew who got here two hours before you, and who’ll be here two hours after you leave and who are being paid, in many cases, one thousandth of what you’re being paid? Come on! I always thought treating people well was probably the most important thing, but now I’m convinced. Life is too short to work with idiots — well, not idiots, but people who are rude and selfish."
I love him.
... you think he needs a secretary?


  1. I've got to see this movie. I'm really curious to see if the film makers catch just what a profound impact Freud's idea of the human has particularly in American society. E.g., how the elite began to see that the masses were a dangerous herd that needed to be controlled from above, and how big business created a new consumer society and keeps us docile (and America safe for a democracy in which common people have little say), and how even politics have picked up on the wildly successful methods of big business and treat us as consumers that are told what we want to hear, never mind if it makes no sense for the country.



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