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It was magical … the way dreams are always magical. I was on a train. A big train that was more like a cruise ship with nice big rooms. There were large conference rooms and restaurants. I find my room/cabin and after getting settled I wandered through the train/cruise ship and found myself in one of those conference rooms where a sort of press conference was taking place. There were many familiar people there. I noticed Ed Harris walking in wearing a beret. He takes a seat with the others and then I see him … (huge intake of breath) my boyfriend. Already seated. He had on a nice suit. His hair was a little long but he was looking handsome and manly and I wished, oh how I wished I could stand right next to him and feel his presence. *Sigh* I watched the proceedings while sitting cross legged on the floor by the entryway doors. I tried to sneak looks at him without appearing obvious. He didn’t catch me looking and though I wanted to openly stare at him I fought the urge because I had to come off as nonchalant. I couldn’t hear much of what was being discussed but every once in a while he would lean back as he laughed and I could catch a glimpse of his profile and that slash of a dimple that cuts right down his cheek and makes me weak in the knees. Double *Sigh*. I keep thinking to myself “what will I do if he sees me?” What will I do if he doesn’t see me?” “What if he talks to me?” I cannot be the one to make contact. He has to do it first. Right about now I’m thinking I should just leave and stop making myself so stressed out and feeling so ridiculous but just then, OH NO …it was over. They were all getting up. Everyone is shaking hands and saying goodbye. He’s coming my way. He’s so tall. He walks so gracefully, like a man should walk. I’m scared. He sees me and comes over to talk. I think he remembers me from the library. I am tongue tied and tell him that I have to get back to my room because I brought his mother with me and she was all alone. (Yeah … I brought his mother with me. Not sure how this happened but she was back in my room waiting for me) ... oh no, I don't want him to think that I brought her just to get to him. At the time it seemed like a huge stroke of luck! Viggo’s mother … my roommate!!) He smiled and continued talking to me and then we began walking and exploring through the train/cruise ship. Then, all of a sudden BING BANG BOOM, we’re in a room, he’s lying on the bed in his suit and he reaches for my hand and brings me down towards his face for a quick kiss, a peck, and another. I notice a tiny piece of white lint on the corner of his upper lip. I pull away feeling very self-conscious and then he pulls me toward him again, this time with more force and really lays one on me. *SIGH* ... I’m so nervous. I can’t relax. I can’t let go. I tell him I have to leave. That his mother is waiting for me. He smiles a knowing smile that tells me he is kind of tickled to see that I am so flustered. I wake up.
Do you think he's trying to make up for kidnapping me?


  1. I think two things. First, a man should take the lint off his lips before kissing a lady. And second, this guy needs to give you a ring.


  2. OMG! Get a room already! Sheesh, I love your dreams....they make me feel all warm and fuzzy! :)


    First of all, thank you for coming to visit. It is simply impossible for us all to visit regularly, but seeing your gorgeous face appear on my comments list was a thrill. I LOVE YOUR HEADER...OMG, YOU ARE AMAZINGLY talented in converting your dreams, your vents, your thoughts into well-written posts. It is always fun to "see" you and your thoughts and the moments we spent in CA last summer will ALWAYS make me smile and LAUGH. LOVE TO YOU MY FRIEND, Anita


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