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The other day while driving to work I had to pass a cyclist who was tooling along on the highway ... with headphones on. This to me is akin to sticking your fingers in your ears while loudly saying LALALALA and then closing your eyes and running directly into oncoming traffic.

A few months ago I was in the Ralph's parking lot and there, just outside of my peripheral vision I saw a flash of movement ... and then BAM! There he was ... right on me! A kid flying through the parking lot, on a skateboard with those damn things in his ears. I almost hit him but lucky for him I'm one of those "cautious" old broads who LOOKS where she's going otherwise he'd have been under my car or on my hood. Why don't you just blindfold yourself and ride your skateboard on the freeway? Same thing.

And can I just ask WTF is this obsession with distraction? People forever looking down texting and not looking where they're going! Riding bikes and skateboards with
those things in their ears ... it's so dangerous! I see drivers doing the same thing all the time too. Driving, while texting and listening to music or God knows what with those things in their ears. I can't hear a siren if I have the radio on let alone having those things in my ears. It irritates the EFF outta me. But there is one consolation ... if any of these idiots ever got plowed down by a vehicle they'd never know what hit 'em. ... vroooom .... splat ... over.

... "gee, I must have been an asshole" ...


  1. JC hit a kid on the way to take Jenifer to school once. This kid
    (12 years old) was riding his bike with earphones on. As JC was driving toward the kid he slowed down thinking he should be careful so as not to hit him. Get this, just as he drove up along side him, the kid (without looking) steers his bike directly in front of the blazer. Dented the Blazer too. The kid gets knocked to the ground. Some guy had just stepped outside of his house and witnessed the whole thing, and then called the cops. Meanwhile, the kid calls his mom (for advise, I'm sure). The cops arrive and the kid says "he hit me". Luckily the neighbor told the cops what happened and JC drove away, no ticket, no nothing! Earphones and bicycles do NOT go together well. The End!

  2. Debbie,
    I often think how our consumer culture has molded us, the masses, to find our ego and spiritual satisfaction in consumption (as one famous advertising exec once put it), entertainment, etc. We are so bred to be satisfied with all these fragmented bits of mostly unimportant distractions, that that few can imagine (1) that other worlds, or ways of being are even possible, and (2) like placid sheep, most are too easily mesmerized with the mediocrity of what is, to demand (of ourselves, let alone the world) a better what could be.

    Your bud

  3. Your title says it all....IDIOTS, IDIOTS AND MORE IDIOTS..... They should not be allowed out of the barn!


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