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Kate Gosselin gets new T.V. Show ...

GOOD LORD why do they keep shoving this woman down our throats?! Not that I ever watch her, she irritates the hell outta me. What I have seen of her are little clips here and there of her dancing (she looks like a marionette with someone pulling her strings ) ... and having a meltdown with her dance instructor. Now, her new T.V. show is going to be all about Miss Kate travelling all over the country helping families that are going through their own "challenges". Again, who is going to watch her brood while she's running around the country whipping other families into shape? Ay, her poor kids. I mean look at her! What a sourpuss! And seriously ... her "I'M JUST A MOM" talk is getting really old. SHE IS NOT JUST A MOM. She is a opportunistic, self-serving narcissist who is desperately trying to milk every ounce of her 15 minutes of fame in to $$$$$. Go away Kate. We don't like you. You're mean.


  1. Can't say I "like" Kate, but compared with Jon, who is like gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe,she's a peach.
    'Sides, being a mom of multiples myself, she can get her rear end hauled up, glue on extensions, and hug brawny strangers all she wants -- it's a diversion. She's washed her share of baby flesh.

  2. OK...I'm gonna play devils advocate here. She has 8 frickin' kids, how does anyone expect her to support them. I seriously doubt her dumb ass ex could help support them,he's too busy chasing the limelight and she just can't go back to being a nurse so...she has to come up with ways to make some money...lots of it. It's not that I enjoy her or even like her persona, she comes off as being rigid and controlling, but given the circumstances of where she is in life right now people on both sides of the issue will say stuff. I think she realizes she can't win no matter what,so she's resigned to do what she thinks is best...unlike Octomom.
    I'm just sayin'


  3. I agree, her "I'm just a mom" talk is driving me nuts! She uses that excuse everytime!

  4. How is it she gets all these tv jobs!!! I want one!! I am just a mom and a gramme too!!:)

  5. She has that look on her face cause she screwed up. I'm not saying her husband didn't, I'm just saying she's enough to make anyone run away. Ah, what the heck, they're both fools who got lucky with a tv show and now that they've gotten used to making the big bucks, you think they're gonna say no to a new tv gig. Heck No!


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